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Natural remedies for morning sickness

The stork is coming with your bundle of joy and you are over the moon. Naturally, you are going to be a ‘mom’ soon and can’t wait to hold your baby in your arms.

Reality check!  While motherhood is definitely beautiful and sublime, pregnancy can be a different story altogether.

Yes, we are referring to morning sickness! Oh, that queasy feeling, sometimes accompanied with vomiting, that most moms-to-be face, especially during her first three months of being pregnant.

We look at some natural remedies to ease this nauseous situation and allow you to enjoy your time in this wonderful phase of life.

What you need to know:

While there are those lucky few who skip this challenge, almost 70% pregnant women go through it. Lasting for months, moms- to- be can suddenly have an aversion to their ‘go-to’ favourite food and take fancy for some dish they never liked before.

While dear moms are tackling this challenge, we thought a helping hand will do them good.  There are no prescribed medicines to prevent morning sickness; it is a normal process and must-suffer condition. The hormonal imbalances that cause this condition are actually good for the baby and moms.

So here is what might help…


Lemon water, water

Drinking lemon water has always been a remedy to ease that horrible nauseous feeling. This time too, it will rush to your help. If the feeling is too strong, there is no harm in sipping lemon water for some relief. Alternatively, keep drinking water at regular intervals. This will keep you hydrated especially during summer times. Carry your water bottle with you when you go out.

Lose those fries

Yes, you got it. We are not talking about gaining weight but gorging on fried foodstuff could really make you run for the basin.  Apart from adding the unwanted pound, fatty and fried food should be a big ‘No’ during these times. Keep sweets/mithai and anything extra pungent in check too.

Adrak (ginger) ki chai

Please take your cuppa of adrak ki chai. Ginger as a herb that eases morning sickness and is ideal to have in this situation. You can even chew on ginger drops, or make ginger water drink to keep sipping it at regular intervals.  Alternatively, if you want to skip ginger, sip on your soothing flavours of herbal tea of your choice.

Get your stock of vitamins

Yes, we are talking about vitamins and essential minerals like zinc. Consult your gynaecologist and take these supplements regularly. Ask your doctor about yeast tablets too. They are high in B vitamin and good for you. Missing out on them can tell on your morning sickness.


Ya saunf, that pleasant mouth freshener we get in restaurants. Chew on them. They help in digestion and will give you relief from morning sickness and vomiting. Try to get the green fresh variety rather than the dried one we usually chew on.

Smaller meals

This golden practice works for just about anything. By taking smaller meals you don’t overload your digestive system and not get crazy hungry. Yes, avoid being hungry. Hunger will only make you feel more nauseous. Carry some healthy tea-time biscuits with you at all times.  Munch on it when hungry.


Don’t miss out on this tangy delicacy. Sliced raw mango sprinkled with a little salt is yummy for mummy. It is good for tummy as well as to combat morning sickness.

Midnight snacks

If we told you to avoid midnight snack when you were trying to lose weight, we tell you today to indulge in it. You are pregnant so enjoy every moment till it lasts. Keep some healthy dry snacks next to your bed. Enjoy when hungry.


Anar ke daane

Munch on pomegranate pearls. Those ruby coloured gems (pomegranate seeds) are known to relieve morning sickness and prevent vomiting.

Take a walk

It will be great if you can catch your early morning walk.  Gently take in the fresh air that is softly brushing against your skin. Feel Mother Nature caress your cheek. Sink in the divine feeling. Fresh air will make you feel fresher and better.


And some more tips:

  • Any diet which you undertake must be approved by your doctor. Check for allergies etc. Don’t follow any food profiles blindly.
  • Why hurry? Get off from bed carefully, walk slowly. This will be less of a trigger for morning sickness.
  • Peppermint herbal tea is great to ease this situation. But if you are having any heartburn skip anything to do with mint, peppermint and such which can unnecessarily upset your delicate tummy.
  • Apple is a soothing fruit you can have. Again, check with your doctor. If you are suffering from constipation (another situation moms- to- be face) consult about the diet you should have.
  • Get a lot of rest. Dwell in the moment, feel pampered. You are on Mother Nature’s duty. You are precious.

Morning sickness is rather unpleasant, yet it will be great to remember your on- the-way your bundle of joy.

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  1. Angela Cameron

    No to morning sickness tea really was wonderful! It absolutely takes the edge off. Every morning I used to wake up just feeling nauseous and yucky, the tea had really helped so much. I would recommend giving it a try!

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