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9 Healthy Iftar Recipes

Iftar, the meal consumed post-sunset after hours of fasting is rather special during the holy month of Ramadan. To call it merely a meal though is an understatement- for tables are laid with overwhelming portions of delectable delights to be gorged upon after the roza.

After a long day of fasting, it is essential that the foods consumed at this point in time provide easy sources of glucose, carbohydrates and other nutrients. As the stomach has been empty for a long period, it is best to go easy and not overload it. Greasy temptations might not be the best option. Instead, you can try out these scrumptious dishes that are high in flavour and energy, and healthy too!

Oats and Rajma CutletRajma is a versatile bean that brings out the flavour in every dish it is a part of, whether it is some kind of a Mexican extravaganza, or a simple, homemade ma ke haath wali subzi. In this cutlet, it is combined with protein-rich oats, low-fat paneer and a wide variety of aromatic spices. The outcome is a low-calorie snack that is succulent and satisfying.

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Quinoa and Exotic Fruits Salad

When the endless health-benefits of freshly cut fruits join hands with the equally competent, energy-rich, low-fat quinoa, you know that your plate is home to a nutrition power-house that tastes so ripe and juicy, the Ramadan regale only becomes multi-fold.

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Chocolate and Mango Cheesecake Flan

A base of chocolatey, buttery crumble-crust, covered with layers of melt-in-your-mouth, low-fat buttercream and cream cheese and topped with the choicest mangoes, freshly diced into juicy chunks- this decadent flan might seem sinful, but after hours of hunger, it is exactly the nourishment that you need.

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Summer Cooler

Jaggery, or gur, isn’t just a natural sweetener that tastes heavenly, it is a stimulus to activate digestive enzymes, a liver-purifying agent, a stomach coolant, a blood detoxifier, an immunity booster…the list goes on. This recipe of a refreshing summer cooler is an instant energizer comprising of it (jaggery), along with the ultra-beneficial subza seeds, lemon juice and a dash of rooh-afza.

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Pomegranate Detox Tea

A summer-time variant of green tea, this beverage will help your body to flush out all the gas build-up that might have taken place as a result of an empty stomach. It is an amalgamation of deliciousness, goodness and fun, with ingredients such as ginger, honey, pomegranate, cinnamon and your favourite tea bag.

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Oats Rainbow Mock Choc

You have already been introduced to the wondrous world of jaggery. This recipe is a beautiful white lie, where this magical ingredient, tasting just like chocolate, pleases the little masters of your household, without disclosing its actual identity. The dish tastes so deadly, you wouldn’t believe it is fat-free.

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Cashew, Cardamom and Rose Smoothie

Dates, bananas, rose water, chia seeds, cashews, and vanilla- this smoothie is made with the best rejuvenating foods you can think of. It is a glass of liquid blessing, which tastes exquisite. Plush with vitamins, minerals and energy-rich dairy, this smoothie is a complete meal in itself and an extremely pleasant one too.

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Quinoa Phirni

We understand that the Iftar feast feels incomplete without an earthen pot of chilled phirni, which is why we modified it into a healthy treat for you without compromising on its sapid flavour. The generous helpings of dry fruits, cardamom and saffron strands keeps its spark of traditional authenticity ablaze, while quinoa gives the dessert a health-boost.

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Fruity Yoghurt Cup


Why eat the various tit-bits of your breakfast separately, when it can be assembled together into a flavoursome gourmet of impeccable taste and texture? This mouth-watering cup of nutrition is a culinary translation of your ideal breakfast plate- dairy, fresh fruits, cereal, except that it no longer feels boring and can be eaten at any time of the day. This composition truly exemplifies the phrase “better together”. 

-By Anushree Kanoi 

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