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Lip-smacking Suhur Recipes

Although the greater part of the holy month of Ramadan is spent fasting, the festivities are still associated with traditional delicacies prepared as a part of the fast-breaking, sunset feast, also known as Iftar. The pre-dawn meal, or suhur/sehri, holds equal importance.

The sehri meal should be a source of nourishment for the body to be resilient, strong and hydrated enough to go through the entire day without food, and still have some amount of energy intact. The following suggestions for a well-balanced intake will help keep your celebratory zeal high and work wonders for your body too!

Garlic Paratha with Egg Gravy

Hot paratha is probably the best breakfast option that is healthy, filling and a source of instant energy. Paired with egg curry, its benefits multiply and so does the taste. The freshness and aroma is the best wake-up alarm you can ask for, and the flavour; oh boy! Slicing the eggs into half is the stroke of a culinary genius, for the flavour gets infused so well with the yolk and shell, your palate is in for a wonderful joyride.

Click here for the Garlic Paratha and Egg Curry recipe.

Oats Cutlet

Is it a wholesome cereal? Is it a toothsome cutlet? It is the best of both worlds! Paneer, potatoes and oats are combined together with exotic Indian spices- roasted gently on a tawa to create a delicious non-friend cutlet. Who knew that our favourite sin-snack had a benevolent twin all along who made a great, nutrition-packed breakfast option without sending us on a guilt trip!

Click here for the recipe. 

Mango and Saffron Lassi

This is a life-saver for all those are not a morning person, or simply can’t eat too much before noon. This powerhouse milkshake is indulgent, energising and a complete meal in itself. The slightly tart yoghurt, blended with mangoes and toned milk, and garnished with the sweet-smelling cardamom, pistachios and saffron, every sip of this lassi spreads happiness in one’s insides.

Click here for the recipe.

The PBB Smoothie

Probably the only time your mother will insist on you having it, this one is for all the children who are peanut butter and banana lovers. A tad bit fattening as it may be, it is a brilliant suhur option due to the inclusion of so many superfoods in its making. Right from bananas, walnuts and honey to dates, coconut oil, flaxseeds and of course, the peanut butter, there is a whole lot of goodness in this glass of creamy delight.

Click here for the recipe.

Quinoa Granola Bars

Made from quinoa, oats and dry fruits, these energy bars go high on the fitness-taste matrix. While the first two ingredients enhance the health benefits of the granola by leaps and bounds, chocolate chips, coconut flakes, almonds and honey lend texture and scrumptiousness. This creation is pure gold!

Click here for the recipe. 

Homemade Muesli

What can be healthier than a bowl of preservative-free, homemade muesli? Organic, natural and fat-free, if you’re planning to implement your weight-loss agenda this Ramadan, turn yourself besotted to this breakfast option- it’s a bowl of energy and goodness- and you don’t have to compromise on your palate either!

Click here for the recipe. 

Protein-rich Desserts


Sweet treats are an integral part of celebrations, so here’s a bunch of recipes that make great morning munchies. The best part? They’re supremely light, containing very few calories compared to their conventional counterparts. Quinoa brownies, oats, banana and chocolate cookies, figgy oatmeal muffins- each creation is thoughtful, palatable and weight-loss friendly. You won’t feel obliged to stop at “just one” after these.

Click here for the Quinoa Brownie, Banana Chocolate Cookies and Figgy Oatmeal Muffins recipe.

Egg Pizza

Give your typical omelette a herbed, cheesy Italian twist and voila! You are now entitled to a protein-rich, eggy pizza for breakfast! With red capsicum and black pitted olives as toppings, the yum factor of this dish goes so high, the after-taste will be enough to keep you satiated for the greater part of the day. Who knew there would come a day when we would be lucky enough to be fasting with pizza…

Click here for the recipe. 

-By Anushree Kanoi

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