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Indulgent Iftar Recipes

The holy month of Ramadan is a period of sincere prayers and committed fasting as well as a time to spread love, happiness and good wishes among your near and dear ones. This tenure is often referred to be one where generosity is displayed with arms wide open, and this spirit is reflected in the kitchens too. After a day of undeterred, perilous fasting, it is imperative for the roza to be broken with food that fills the stomach with nutritional goodness and overwhelms the heart with lip-smacking delight.

Our compilation of these ten indulgent iftar recipes provide your body with the requisite protein and vitamins to ensure your fitness and health, and its richness in taste will famish the fatigue and keep the celebratory zeal blazing high.

Chilled Mango Falooda

Layers of jelly, wobbling deliciously, covered in ounces of rich, creamy custard, interspersed with the juiciest pieces of fresh exotic fruits- this mango falooda dessert is all about a play of textural differences. The presence of the slightly tart apricot and kiwi is truly a masterstroke. It breaks the monotony of the predominant fruit and adds a power-packed punch of flavour to one’s palate.

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Juicy Chicken and Cheese Kababs

Scrumptiously succulent, this chicken and cheese kebab platter is exactly what one’s taste buds crave after a day of fasting. Minced chicken combined seamlessly with creamy, semi-molten cheese – every ingredient in this dish spells melt-in-the-mouth perfection, robust with aromatic Indian spices. No one can take just one helping of this zesty appetizer.

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Chatpata Rice and Methi Pakodas

These steaming pakodas are crunchy, flavourful and, you will not believe it, healthy! Apart from the oil content, every ingredient is light on the stomach, especially kasturi methi, which also helps in easier digestion. Paired with a tangy curry or an evening beverage, this starter can double as an entire meal for those who don’t like to eat too much during iftar.

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Awadhi Galouti Kebabs

Served with ringed, pickled onions, tamarind and fresh coriander chutney, this Lucknowi delicacy oozes butter and seasoned meaty delight in every bite. Ever-so crumbly, with a tinge of well-cooked tenderness, these galouti kebabs truly awaken the spirit of royal revelry upon its very sight.

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Shahi ke Swaad bhare Tukde

An evergreen recipe for food that is for the soul. Made with very few ingredients, the preparation of shahi tukde occupies even lesser than a few minutes and yet, it is so tasteful and hearty, one can’t help but smile after taking in a mouthful. The ease of creating this dish unveils the way to its modified recreations, each variation more delectable than the other.

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Mast Aam Phirni

This variation of phirni replaces saffron strands with Alphonso puree- and this slight change makes all the difference. This dessert captures summer on a plate, where, when the dry fruits warm our insides, the hint of cool cardamom soothes our hearts, just like a glass of cold water does after a hot, outdoor afternoon. You enjoy the season, but you crave some relief, and this essence is displayed beautifully in the mast aam phirni.

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Refreshing Fruit Salad Trifle

Refreshingly ripe and citrusy, this dish can be prepared by anyone and using anything that belongs to the following three groups- fresh fruits, dry fruits, and dairy products. It will still be polished off in no time! An evening snack, a breakfast item, a dessert, an indulgence- this trifle salad adapts itself to suit you in any situation.

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Rich Chocolate Cake

A wise man once said that chocolate is… no, he didn’t say anything because he just ate it. A layer of warm and soft sponge, thickly coated with dark chocolate panache, this fresh-from-the-oven, chocolate-loaded cake will be a pleasant surprise for your growling stomach after a long day of devotional praying.

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Aloo Paratha Butter Maar ke

Wholesome and toothsome, this classic dish has always been complete in itself, and yet, goes perfectly well when served with any gravy, raita or chutney. One can never go wrong with aloo ka paratha, it is the taste of motherly love and independence. When one starts cooking for himself, it is the taste of nukkad wale sardarji da dhaba… of blissful sleep after a satisfied, happy stomach.

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Chilli Cheese Paratha with Mutton Korma

The piquant and peppery mutton gravy looks even more inviting when served with the appetizing chilli cheese paratha triangles. The dash of green chilli and pepper makes a mouth-watering combination that one just can’t get enough of, even after the eyes get moist. When the luscious korma gravy met the hot, hot parathas, the plate could not get any more palatable.

Click here for the Cheese Paratha and Mutton Korma recipes.

-By Anushree Kanoi

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