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Cleaning Hacks for Ramadan

A wise man once said, “A clean home is a happy home.” It seems like people took its converse pretty seriously too, for, during festivals, when happiness gets multiplied, so does the cleaning! Hidden cupboards bearing mysterious contents are suddenly emptied out and cleaned thoroughly, forgotten cartons containing a childhood of memories are impeccably dusted, with its belongings either kept back in place, or, *sniff*, distributed, and every imaginable nook and cranny of the house is polished and scrubbed, spic and span. The entire process takes days at length to complete, and sometimes one is still not fully satisfied.

This Ramadan, we have a plan for you. We understand how tiresome it might be for you to unleash the undeterred cleaning spirit when you’ll be fasting for hours at a stretch. These cleaning hacks are a quick fix to clearing out the dirty clutter in the most nightmarish places in a smooth and smart way.

Giving your bathtub a bath

Nothing looks more inviting than a bubble bath drawn just for you at the end of a long day, in a sparkling tub. Three months later, that same tub will repel you if it isn’t maintained properly. Moisture-stains, yellowing- the sight of the same bath-tub will be a source of exhaustion and negativity. This Ramadan, negate that vibe out of your life by making a tub-scrub paste out of a teaspoon of liquid soap, a mixture of baking soda and water, and a few drops of any kind of an antibacterial oil.

Show the shower how it’s done

Shower heads get clogged easily with iron, hair (which is a mystery- how does my hair fall up instead) and all the heavy particles that tap water carries. The experience of well-paced, soothing stream gets destroyed; not anymore. Fill plastic bags with vinegar and tie it around your shower head to remove stains and unnecessary clogging.

Wave out the bacteria from your micro

This hack is a really helpful one. Cleaning kitchen appliances can get quite tedious and tricky and microwaves are especially challenging. If not maintained properly, they can become an extremely unhygienic hub of germs, what with all the food remnants and sugar particles that might remain stuck on its insides for days at a stretch. Fill a microwave-safe dish with soapy water (preferably dishwashing liquid) and keep it inside for one minute, warming it up like a food item. Then take a wet sponge and wipe the insides.

Gloss out the glass

We recently stumbled upon a DIY glass-cleaning potion recipe, which works like magic. It brings shine to glass windows and tableware. Plus, it is simple to implement too. All one has to do is mix fabric softener and water in the ratio of 1:4. Store this superhuman liquid in a spray bottle and use it directly on the surface or on the cleaning cloth first- the choice is entirely yours.

Up your upholstery game

There can be tons of problems with upholstery, but we have a hack for every situation. While scratches can be combatted with leather polish, dealing with food stains can get a little complicated, especially if the surface in question is suede. In such a situation, scrub the area gently with an eraser or soft, dry cloth. Sprinkle talcum powder or corn-starch on oily stains as soon as you spot a nasty spot getting formed. Brush away with a delicate-bristled toothbrush and repeat till required. Your upholstery will look as good as new.

Shelve the dirt from your shelf

Ward of the extra clutter from your wardrobe, shelve all the unwanted pieces of trash décor that you’ve been meaning to throw away since ages. Take everything out, and although it might break your heart, donate what you haven’t used in the past six months. Clean all the racks with mild detergent and water and allow it to completely dry. Don’t forget to line the cupboard racks with paper or cloth to absorb the hidden moisture before you put your belongings back, preferably sorting the latter according to its usage.

-By Anushree Kanoi

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