Summer 2018 makeup trends

Though we are in the latter part of summer, we still want to make the most of the season before the outpour of rain hails down upon us. And for those of you who are wondering what’s reigning when it comes to summer trends, we have got the low-down on it. Let’s make the most while the sun shines!

Pop of colour on the eyelid

Apply any bold colour of your choice and blend it across the eyelid. The more intense the eyeshadow, more enhanced the look will be. Do not apply any makeup on the lower lash line, go for just a thick coat of mascara on the eyelashes. This eye makeup trend goes really well with nude lips.

Glossy eyelids

Even though it appears to be difficult, this is one of the easiest yet impactful makeup looks. Choose any powder eyeshadow of your choice. Apply it on the whole eyelid. The intensity of it will depend upon how bold you want the look to be. Now take clear lip gloss on your brush and pat it on top of the eyeshadow. Never drag the gloss as this will result in removing the product. Compliment this look with glossy lips and matte base.

Natural Look

This is the new trend of the season to cope up with the heat. Apply base light handed and blend well on to your face. Use a brown eyeshadow and blend well. You can go ahead with liner/kohl if you want. The main idea behind this look is natural looking skin. Less contouring /no contouring is the key. Thicken up your eyebrows to complete the natural look.

Thick eyeliner

This is also known as thumbprint eyeliner and Tom Ford, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid made quite a statement with this edgy look. It’s very simple to achieve and you might want to keep down your cello tapes for this one. The aim of this look is to create rounded eyeliner towards to the edge. You can use liquid liner/ gel liners to create the same. Team up with glitters/ pigment to make it more bold and edgy.

Lip gloss

After a long reign of matte lipsticks, lip glosses are back. These keep your lips hydrated and shiny. Mix and match different lip colours and apply the clear lip gloss in the middle. You can also, go for a coloured lip gloss to create your own shade. Match this up with a matte base and natural eye makeup. Holographic lip gloss is also a rave and goes really well with chiselled cheeks and bushy eyebrows.

Bold brows

In order to achieve this look, you need to let your eyebrows grow naturally. Groom them well with a brush and just fill in the gaps with a light brown brow/ eyeshadow powder. Your brows should look naturally full and bushy.

Sun-kissed lids

This look totally compliments the summer and is very fun and glamorous. Use any orange eyeshadow shade of your choice and apply the colour on to your eyelids. There are various ways to achieve this look. You can either fill the entire eyelid or take the eyeshadow outwards like a broad cat-eye liner. Also, you can go super bold with this look and increase the intensity of the colour on your eyelid. Complete with heavy coats of mascara, natural skin and nude lip colour. Give your eyeliner and kohl a break for this look.

Try these out and let us know which you like the best!

Article by: Kanika Bajaj, Makeup Expert and Trainer 

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