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Do’s and don’ts for diapers: Your questions answered

The arrival of a baby can be an exciting yet overwhelming moment. In fact, most parents will find themselves in a routine of sorts for the first few months—feed, change diapers, sleep. These are the three main activities of a baby for the first few months of its life until it learns to turn over, sit up, and then start crawling. The wonderful world of milestones will also be seen with diapers and changes in feed times and nap times, as toilet training does not start until much later. So, read on to know more about the do’s and don’ts when it comes to diapers…

Keep a diaper bag ready

It is always important to be ready when it comes to a baby. Organize a small drawer or cupboard right next to the changing table or the crib so that you can easily reach out for diapers and other supplies like wet wipes, ointments, and more. Keep a check and replenish the supplies. A diaper bag should always be packed and kept so that you have plenty of diapers while on the go.

Use a diaper mat

Before you change the baby’s diapers, ensure that you have placed a diaper mat below, while the baby is over the shoulder. This is usually a plastic sheet that can be cleaned easily in case there are any spills. You should also have one mat in the diaper bag at all times so that you can easily change the baby’s diapers while you are outside.

Learn to understand sizing

Remember to read the package so that you understand which diaper size is right for your baby according to the age in months and the weight of the baby. The wrong diaper can cause a lot of discomfort for the baby and lead to constant spills from the sides too. So take some time while diaper shopping and remember to upgrade with the baby’s age and weight.

Avoid the spreading of germs

Keep things hygienic by having a separate place where you change the baby’s diaper. Also, keep the changing mat clean. Always give it a wipe down after you are done changing the diaper, and wash it at least once or twice a week with a mild detergent. Also, to avoid the spread of germs, you should ensure that you change the baby’s diapers after each bowel movement. This will also help in avoiding rashes.

Prevent rashes and maintain hygiene

Rashes can get quite pesky for the baby and the parent as well. Besides changing the diaper frequently, you will need to keep the baby’s bottom clean and dry at all times. You will need to constantly check for a bowel movement and change the diaper immediately. Also, if the baby is a little girl, wipe from front to back to avoid any spread of infection in the urinary tract from the anal area. If he/she gets an infection, take him or her to the pediatrician immediately. In case of rashes, apply an over-the-counter cream. In fact, most doctors recommend that you should not use talcum powder as this can lead to rashes in many cases.

Keep the cloth diapers clean

If you are using cloth diapers, these must be cleaned frequently so that the baby does not catch an infection. Use a mild and fragrant detergent so that it does not irritate the baby’s skin. Also, scrub the diaper yourself before putting it into the washer.

Test before using other diapers

Before you choose the new-age diapers that have fragrances and gels, you should get a sample set that you can try on the baby first. Look for signs of skin reaction before you start using these diapers regularly. Some of these scent-infused and gel-based diapers can give the baby a rash or other kinds of skin abrasions.

Be careful on the changing table

Before you put the baby on the changing table, ensure that all the things you need are around you. Either put the baby over your shoulder with one hand securely on its back and neck while you gather all the required items, or ensure that you have the baby strapped into the stroller or in the crib while you do so. At no point should you leave the baby unattended on the changing table, for even a second. The baby can roll over and it may lead to an accident.

Use quality wipes

To avoid skin irritation ensure that you only use quality wipes. Avoid ones with a lot of chemicals as they are not good for the baby’s skin. Doctors recommend to clean the area with water and then dry it well before applying a soothing cream and putting on the diaper.

Remember to make the entire diaper changing experience a pleasant one for you and the baby and avoid the mess while you do so.

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