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Delectable chocolate gifting options for Father’s Day

We will always look up to them, no matter how tall we grow… they’re our heroes who don’t need to wear capes because they make us fly. They’re our guiding light, our foremost pearls of wisdom, strength and gentle love – they’re our Fathers.

For all those little things that our dads do for us, for all our tiny scratches that have caused their big reactions, for all our big problems that they solve so easily, we realise how little they actually were, we often forget to appreciate our father for being him.

This Father’s Day, say “thank you” to your dad for all the sweetness and joy he’s brought into your life with these treats:

Shower your gratitude Relindtlessly

Daddies may sometimes appear all macho and grim on the outside, but behind that tough exterior, you’ll find a beautiful heart that softens in a jiffy as far as his child is concerned. Gift your dad a chocolatey version of himself with these Lindor biteables. Behind the chocolate shell, is a dash of melting goodness, available in a variety of wonderful flavours, just like all the awesome sides our dad has, each one more loveable than the other.

Melt-in-the-mouth truffles for him who makes your heart melt

Fathers are our best pick-me-up dose of medicine, with all their charming ways to light up our lives with their cheerful smile. These delectable truffle drops are a great way for us to reciprocate just that- oozing and flavourful, they’re a great work-time binge or a post-dinner dollop of indulgence to spare them with a few moments of pure bliss. This gift box is the best kind of Belgian beauty for our charismatic dad.

The best hazelnut for the person who’s handled your nuttiest best

Chocolate is cheaper than therapy, and you don’t even need an appointment! There was a price your dad had to pay for your horrible blunders, not-so-cheap thrills, failed escapades of “innocent fun” where you were caught red-handed, be it in times of hair, sleep or bucks. Present your dad with a box of the world’s favourite nut chocolate to thank him for being patiently present all those times when you were a bit of a nut-case.

A Cadbury in-return for the million Cadbury’s

Cadbury bars have been an indispensable component of a lot of our happy childhood memories. It was our reward for being good, our compensation when we were upset, our consolation prize when we didn’t get what we want. Our parents always understood what chocolate meant to us, how incredibly satisfying it felt to hold a bar in each hand. It is time to fill our dad’s heart with the same satisfaction when we’ll stand in front of him, holding a chocolate in each hand. But only, instead of eating it all by ourselves, we’ll take turns and share, to show how much we’re grateful and how much we care.

Cranberry chocolate for the sweetest fruit

They say that seven days without chocolate makes one weak, and we want our beloved father to remain in the pink of health, now and always. So we have that prayer for him wrapped beautifully in a Lindberg shell for you to offer to daddy dearest this Sunday. Embedded in chocolatey ambrosia, you will find the yummiest cranberry bits in every mouthful which makes this slab the loveliest treat for Father’s day.

Single origin dark chocolate for the single-most important man

Reverse the “stressed”… yes, I mean it, literally reverse it… and do you know what you get? Desserts! A generous helping of chocolate makes everything better. Remember all those times when your father satisfied your sweet tooth cravings at the oddest hours? This Father’s Day, bring back your childhood in reverse by filling him with the same child-like glee by gifting him this premium chocolate variety by Amul. A special kind of chocolate for the most special man in your life.

A Tree of Life for him who gave you the Gift of Life

This is the ultimate sweet treat you can buy! Every cloud has a silver lining, and these silver clouds contain nothing but toothsome, succulent chocolate that is so fresh and heavenly, it is perfection redefined. Tangy orange, caramel butterscotch, lip-smacking blackcurrant or a classic almond, the contents of the box have a flavour for every mood; these hand-made chocolates add a special stroke of exclusivity to the memory canvas you wish to paint for your dad this June, a man like no other.

With Love, Fresho Signature

A specially curated hamper of freshly-baked, delectable delights for you to choose from! These warm, palatable muffins and tea-cakes make the best Father’s Day gift. Enjoy a nostalgic evening of reminiscing old, sweet tales over a cup of hot tea with these sugary accompaniments, for the best gift you can really give your parents, is your company.

-By Anushree Kanoi



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