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Frozen dessert options to freeze the heat

Can the summers get any hotter? Shall we give the heat their ‘just desserts’?

Indian as well as international cuisines have some fascinating variety of frozen desserts that will make you a lifelong fan and yearn for it long after the summer season is over. Here they are some of them with a twist.

Let us begin with kulfi

Who can resist that rich, creamy, frozen cone on a stick? It is called the traditional Indian ice cream and comes in various flavours.  It is a popular dessert that is wickedly rich, dense, creamy, and totally irresistible. You can give your kulfi a twist by having it in mango, the flavour of the season or any other variant you like for that matter.

A wonderful twist: Many of us also know kulfi with its eternal pair falooda! Enjoy with a drizzle of rose syrup, a sprinkle of rose petals and nuts for some crunch.

Yet another weave in your kulfi: How many of you have tried kulfi with rabdi or jalebi? If you have not tried, enjoyed and slurped on this dessert variant, do you know what you are missing?

Good old ice-cream

Take a scoop of ice-cream and drizzle any of your favourite syrup flavours. Our best bet is ice-cream, preferably vanilla and a generous drizzle of silky hot chocolate.  How about it doused in frozen raspberry, chocolate sauce and almonds?

A variation: Do add nuts to your ice-cream for the extra crunch. You can also add cornflakes with almonds and nuts. Enjoy till the season last and beyond.

Yet another: Ice-cream with cake anyone? It was one of the favourite ways to gobble down this frozen dessert.  Try it and say yum.

Select from a wide range of delactable ice-creams. 

Ice Gola

If you have not spent your childhood in India, we wonder whether you will know the ‘thrill of this chill’.  Crushed ice tightly clustered into a ball, fitted to a stick and dipped in a syrup of your choice. This delightful, slurp friendly and totally wicked frozen dessert is a taste of a lifetime. Today you get many varieties of this ice-gola like fruity, healthy types, choco-chips types and a whole range to woo your taste buds. Ice-gola is also called popsicles.


This is another variant of ice-gola. Crushed ice in a tall glass with syrup drizzled on it. It is one of the sought-after frozen desserts and is also called slushie. Granita, an Italian semi-frozen dessert, is yet another form of slush. It is also popular as ice sorbet.


It is denser than our regular ice-creams; therefore this could make the taste a lot sharper than our normal ice-cream. It is a tad healthier but has higher sugar content. You can get this Italian frozen dessert in many flavours.  Add sprinkles of your choice to double the fun.

Ice-cream sandwiches

We dare you to resist the chilling exhilaration of this delicacy.  A thick slab of ice-cream between two wafer type biscuits is a treat no-one can refrain from. Touted to be healthy, you can pack in a layer of strawberry, banana choco-chips, a single or double/triple flavours of any ice-cream. Enjoy this sandwich and you can thank us later. You may want to turn your back on this frozen dessert if you suffer from tooth sensitivity.

Frozen yoghurts

Frozen yoghurt or with any other dairy product, is zesty and tangy as compared to any other dessert. It is healthier as it is made of milk than cream. Though this dessert has yoghurt as its main element, it may or may not be pro-biotic which means it may not contain live cultured bacteria.  Shrikand is our semi-frozen Indian variety.


A typically Indian dish made during festivals, Phirni or Firni is made up of rice and is served in earthen pots, kulhar or shikora, garnished with nuts, badam, pistas, and such.  This delicacy is a rice pudding is ideally saffron flavoured or garnished on top with strands of saffron and almond slivers.  This dessert can be served semi-frozen too. Phirni is also known as kheer, payasam or payesh in Bengali.

If you have a tooth sensitivity, please hold your horses before you freeze the heat. Others please enjoy, guilt-free.

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  2. Nice article. Thanks for, making us aware of kinds of ice-creams and international dessert as well. Each and every dessert is a feast for the eyes.

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    Basically I’m a sweet lover n looking at this article I tempting more to eat everything what I can see🤤

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