6 Hacks to contour right

While foundation can be heaven-sent, it can make the face look flat as the natural colours are even-toned. It is to bring back this definition that the technique of contouring and highlighting is incorporated. For those who are unaware, contouring is that process where shadows are created on the face to make it look three dimensional. Highlighting further completes the job and together, they infuse life to the makeup.

The good news is that this art is no rocket science and can be mastered easily if you have the patience for it. This article is all about hacks that will make your contouring perfect!

Shade selection

When it comes to contouring, the shade selection is crucial. If you mess up this part, it might end up looking like mud is smeared on your precious face! To avoid this situation, you can always stick to the rule of choosing a shade that is just 2 shades darker than your normal skin tone. This way your contouring will look natural and on spot always!

Blending is the key

The proper blending of the contour product will give you a flawless finish. But if you skip this extra effort then your whole makeup would be ruined. Always make sure that you blend the product gently in small strokes. This will ensure that the product merges with the rest of the face makeup, creating no harsh lines.

Clean your edges

When lines are clean, they look crisp and sharp to the eyes. The contour applied may not look like that in the first go itself. Fret not! You can always clean it up. Simply take a loose powder and line the area where your contour ends. This will sharpen the edges and give a sleek look to the face.

Set the product

One of the downsides of a cream contouring product is that it can sometimes move from its place. This is not a happy situation and you need to set it to fix it. Apply a contour powder on top of the area just contoured and set it. This will stop the product underneath from moving and it will last longer.

Follow the line

The basic idea of contouring is to create a sharp line that gives the illusion of a slimmer face. When that is the need, you should always try to follow the line according to the shape of your face. The trick is to line the product and lift it. There should be no dragging of the contouring product down, as it will give the opposite of the desired effect.

Choose an apt brush

Using the best-suited tools is one of the guaranteed ways to get that stunning makeup. A brush plays an important role in rendering the correct amount of product and blending it to perfection. A size bigger or smaller will muddle the whole effort put. Before you start, make it a point to use only the brush that is specially designed for contouring. They have a peculiar shape that adapts well into the cheeks as well as other areas that we wish to contour.

Now you know how to contour right!

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