What the liposuction procedure involves

Wonder what goes through the process of liposuction? In a lay man’s terms, it is a cosmetic surgery where fat is removed from a particular area to achieve a certain shape. But there is more to it. Dr Anup Dhir, Senior Consultant, Cosmetic Surgeon, Apollo Hospital, New Delhi sheds light on the procedure.

VASER or Ultrasonic Hi-Def Liposuction  

This is a less invasive alternative to traditional liposculpture techniques. It was designed to eliminate resistant fatty deposits that are often the result of genetics and have proven to be resistant to traditional weight loss efforts.

In Hi-Def Liposculpting, ultrasound technology is used to better and redesign the body and can be used wherever there is excess fat on the body. The most common treatment areas include the buttocks, abdomen, thighs, waist, flanks, arms, neck, chin, cheeks, back and chest.

4D VASER /Ultrasound Hi-Definition Liposuction etching

This is a new technique which includes etching and a simultaneous fat transfer. It is done by liposuction of fat and re-injecting it to achieve a precise sculpture. The purified fat is used as a sculpting medium and gives you a well-defined result that is not possible with any other technique.

High-Def ultrasonic liposclupture can be used to “etch” or “sculpt” the body in virtually any region, including the chest, arms, abdomen, obliques, and elsewhere. For those who are unaware, etching is a technique where the fat is not removed in an even fashion and is instead done so following contour lines of the abdominal muscles. The surgery can be done as a day care surgery under local or general anaesthesia.

Ideal candidates for this procedure will want to reduce excess pockets of fat and enhance their body contour. Additionally, you’ll want to be in good general health and have reasonable expectations for the outcome.

During your consultation, your surgeon can discuss the treatment plan from start to finish to help you become well-informed about your options and what can be accomplished.

Keep in mind

Your treated areas should look great and retain their sculptured appearance for as long as you remain the same weight. If you gain weight, you will generally gain it in areas other than those that were treated.

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Dr Anup Dhir is a Senior Consultant, Cosmetic Surgeon, Apollo Hospital, New Delhi. He has a special interest in cosmetic/aesthetic surgery of face and body. The doctor is one of the pioneers in the world for fat grafting, ADRC (adipose-derived regenerative cell) enriched fat grafting for facial rejuvenation, scars and breast augmentation. He travels extensively both in India and abroad to keep up-to-date with new developments in this field with a commitment for constant self-improvement. He is the first plastic surgeon in India, to be accepted as an international active member of American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

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