Ways to take care of your makeup brushes

The right brush can make a world of difference in how your makeup will appear. But stacking them up will not help if you do not take care of them. Worse, they unclean ones can land up giving you a breakout or infection! Here, we present super simple ways to take care of your makeup brushes.

Place them right

Always place your brushes with bristles facing upwards to avoid any kind of damage. This will also prevent them from getting dirty. Also, ensure that they are placed away from washbasin as they can get contaminated every time you wash your hands.

Wash them right

You should always wash your brushes after application as they will pick up germs from acne or an infection from your skin. By the end of it, you will be applying the same germs on to your skin! Opt for gentle cleansers like baby shampoo or any specific mild brush cleanser which will not damage your bristles by making them hard.

Dry them right

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After washing your brushes, air dry them by leaving them in their stand overnight. This will ensure that the bristles are dried completely from top to bottom. Never blow-dry your brushes, it will melt the glue holding on to the brushes and thus leaving your product damaged.

Organise them right

Ensure that you organise your brushes well according to their sizes and application techniques. This will help you to avoid a mess while applying makeup. Also, store them properly away from dirt or dampness in a holder or brush belt.

Apply them right

The application process is most vital while doing makeup. It not only helps in makeup but also increases the life your brushes. Avoid putting a lot of pressure on your brushes and use them with a light hand while putting the product on your face.

Cleanse them right

In between makeup looks, clean your bristles with a mild makeup brush cleanser. Please ensure that the cleanser contains very less alcohol as it makes the bristles hard. Spray the product on the bristles and gently wipe it on a tissue paper. Remember, this will not cleanse your brush completely and it is important to wash them later.

Hope these tips come in handy!

-Kanika Bajaj, Makeup Artist and Trainer 

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  1. Tiffany Renee Harmon

    I love the idea of keeping them in a jar 🙂 Thanks for sharing these hygiene tips!

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