Trends ruling Louis Vuitton Men’s Spring 2019 Show

The Louis Vuitton Men’s Spring 2019 fashion show created quite a splash in the fashion world. From Louis Vuitton to Saint Laurent, Kim Jones’ debut at Dior Homme to Versace’s printed shrunken silk shirts, there are a lot of styles to get inspired from. Here are our top five picks where the look perfectly complemented the hair.

Trench coat with bouncy shiny hair

Looks like the trench coat is going to be the next big thing for the monsoon season. The classic camel hue is versatile and makes are a good choice for styling.

Keeping your hair in tune with the appropriate style trend is a great way to complement the trench coat. As seen in the show, a shiny, conditioned and parted hair makes for an ideal fit. The more volume, the better! To get that look, you can opt for Tresseme hair shampoo and conditioner to give you that shiny and bouncy effect.

The retro look with wavy hair

The good old black leather jacket just got a stylish update. Team it up with a shiny disco shirt and you will be all set to paint the town red (Saturday Night Fever style!).

The look calls for a sleek hairdo too. Checkpoints include defining a neat line on the head to make clear partition, glossy hair and just the right amount of bounce. To try and experiment this look, brush and groom your hair and set it with a help of a hairspray.

Rugged meets boyish charm with slick wet hair

Contrasting the sheen style was the rugged meets boyish charm look (a win-win look with mama and girlfriend as well).

To follow suit, set your hair wet with a good hair gel. Massage and brush to set the slick locks behind in place. You can opt for something like Set Wet Gel that will hold hair perfectly in place and give it that wet look.

Prints with a clean-shaven face

A gusty print look that never fails to impress! At the house of Versace, a silk shrunken shirt was perfectly teamed up with gold chains (after all don’t the rap stars flaunt this so well!).

When the attire is over the top, it is best to keep the overall look simple. Take cue from this pic where a clean-shaven look and sharp mushroom cut rules the day. With Nivea and Old Spice shaving products, it is easy to achieve the super-groomed look.

Animal prints and mid-parted hair

It is raining animal prints this time around and if you want, you can go for the print on print look. The hair too was left a little wild albeit in a bit restrained manner. This works best with short hair, just part in the middle and spritz some salt spray on the front to get that ruffled look.

Let us know what was your favourite part of the show!

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