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Watermelon infused beauty products you must try!

Watermelon is not just the base for your bowl of fruit salad but also a key ingredient in numerous beauty products. This juicy treat is rich in antioxidants and a cocktail of many skin-nourishing ingredients. Experts explain that it improves blood circulation, treats signs of ageing, acts as a natural exfoliator and is anti-inflammatory.

With loads of topical benefits, it is no surprise that beauty products and its by-products, including sheet masks, handmade bath soaps, lip balms, overnight cream, toners and also hair care products are infused with watermelon.

Good to know:

Although watermelon is suited for all skin types, it is highly beneficial in treating acne, breakouts, redness, rashes and dry flaky skin. Skin products with this fruit as the main ingredient are great for hydrating and lending a glow.

Below are few of our fresh picks of beauty products that are enriched with watermelon.

50ap Bathing Bar Watermelon & Cucumber

This is an artisan range of handcrafted bathing bars which makes bath time extremely luxurious! Ingredients like cucumber, aloe vera and watermelon work like a charm to soothe and replenish the body. The bar feels cool instantly and rehydrates skin during every use. It will keep you feeling and smelling fresh!

Maybelline Baby Lips Color – Winter Flush Watermelon Smooth

Your best friend during those no-time-at-all moments, tinted lip balms are always handy. You never know when you have to get ready in a hurry with just a few minutes in hand!

Baby Lips lip balm in Winter Flush gives an amazing tint to the lips while also moisturising and nourishing it. It has winter care formula which helps to keep lips soft and very supple throughout the day. Another added advantage of this watermelon sweet scented lip balm is that it also provides UV filter protection against harmful sun rays.

Anatomicals Hand Wash Soap Watermelon Cucumber

Enriched with the freshness of watermelon and cucumber, this product leaves the hands soft and moisturised after washing. It has paraben-free components and thus can be used frequently. Ingredients like lavender oil, peppermint oil and aloe vera add to the charm. The fruity fragrance further enhances the whole experience.

Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm Watermelon

This is yet another popular product that boasts of watermelon as the main ingredient. This lip balm tube is highly effective on dry flaky lips and provides it with moisture as well as a sheer colour. So, on one hand, it nourishes your lips and hydrates it and on the other offers, it this brilliant shine.

Avon Naturals Kids Little Delights Wacky Watermelon 2-in-1 Hair Care

The yummy watermelon flavour is suited for all – men, women and even kids. The brand Avon offers a watermelon enriched shampoo for kids. The hair care product suits all hair types and is both shampoo and conditioner. It is tested for safety and has a tear-free formula.

So along with including watermelon in your diet, make it a part of your beauty regime too!

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