5 Tips to set your hair right this monsoon

While we love the monsoon for many reasons, we do not like the way it turns our hair into a lifeless and frizzy lump. The good news is that with a little care and attention, you can have it looking bouncy and healthy in no time. Below are a few tips to set your hair right this monsoon.

Care for wet hair

When wet, our hair becomes weak and is more prone to damage. At such times, you should loosen it up and let it air dry. Avoid donning your tresses too tight and opt for a hairstyle that will give it enough room to dry.

You might have the tendency to tie the hair even when it is wet, but doing so will only lead to breakage. If you can’t refrain, always go for a loose pony that will ensure the tresses get dry while being maintained. And certainly, do not harshly comb at this point in time.

Deep conditioning

Your hair will feel happy only when it is nourished from deep within. Monson can make us lazy, but to get the mane all sleek you need to make some effort. Apply a store-bought or DIY hair mask and apply once a week to lock in all the moisture. This way whatever be your hairstyle, it shall look on fleak!

Added protection

To safeguard and seal the hair cuticles, ensure that you do not skip on the hair serum. The product instantly makes the mane smooth, tangle free, shiny and more presentable. This layer of serum locks in the hydration in and helps in taming down the frizz too.

Dry shampoo

If the weather outside is making you lazy or you are pressed for time, we have a quick solution for you. To ensure that your mane is dirt and grease free no matter what the situation, go for a good dry shampoo. It especially helps to groom your hair that goes all haywire during the humid weather. Spritz some dry shampoo on the areas that need attention and voila, you have a perfect hair day!

Pay attention to the crown

The first thing that people will notice is the crown area of your hair. If that is on point then it will give an illusion of overall maintained mane. Monsoon is the time the crown area gets sticky, making it look like you just oiled it! A trick is to powder it with some baby powder. It shall soak up any excess moisture and give it that bounce.

Hope all these tips made it easier for you to care for your hair!

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