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 What is UHT/homogenised milk and their advantages

Simply do not have the time to go through the process of boiling and cooling the milk? Having problems with your doodhwala who has suddenly turned MIA? You reached the store early in the morning only to realise all the milk packets are over? For situations like these, we now get UHT treated homogenised milk which is ready to use, directly from the carton itself. But if you have reservations about the same, here is what you need to know…

What is UHT homogenised milk

Ultra High Treatment (UTH) is a food processing technology that sterilizes milk and other liquid foods at a high temperature required to eliminate spores. Wondering what spores are? They are those cells created by fungi or bacteria which causes spoilage. The milk undergoes the process for a second or so (just enough to get it sterilized).

After this step, the liquid first undergoes pasteurisation where it is heated up and cooled removing bacteria. Milk treated with the UHT is called ultra-pasteurised. The procedure of pasteurisation and homogenisation are both necessary to keep the goodness safe, though the techniques are different.

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Homogenisation is a mechanical procedure that occurs after pasteurisation. Its function is to break down the fat molecules into a minute size so that they don’t separate but remain floating evenly. Without homogenisation, the fat molecules would form a layer of cream on the top and come in contact with the container. This reduces its stability. Also, by inhibiting the cream to form on the top, the milk becomes more appealing for all those who don’t like cream.

Aids in large-scale milk production units and diary

It has been seen that homogenising works in favour of dairy with large-scale production as the milk from varied herds can be blended together without any hassle or spoilage. The long shelf life makes it convenient to transport this liquid to great distances.

What’s more, this process of homogenisation makes it easy for diaries and milk production units to strain out the fat thus giving 2% or lesser % of fat, skimmed milk. After all, it is a precise procedure.

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Ultra High Treatment gives your doodh stay on longer than normal milk. This is ideal in today’s fast-moving lifestyle where you can open the carton and drink it up! Unopened, the product can remain unspoiled for about 2-3 weeks. But once opened, it is best to finish it off in a week’s time.

Both the processes, UHT and homogenisation, makes the milk sterile. Aaj kal ke consumers are very safety conscious so production units are employing every error-free safety standard to make your milk hygienic and flawless.

Vitamins and other nutrients are added later to fortify the milk. Homogenisation makes it easy for the production units to filter out the fat molecules giving you your much needed skimmed milk or milk with a lesser percentage of fat molecules.

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For those who are fussy with drinking their milk, or just need that extra nudge to gulp it down, mixing it up with various delectable flavours can be considered. The chocolate one, of course, is a favourite among kids and adults alike. Such types of work wonder for other sweet dishes too where milk is an important component. For that extra dose of health, you can add in ginger or turmeric. The latter two will especially be a boon during the monsoon season.

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The debate

There is a lot of debate going on in the market where some say that homogenised milk is a healthier option whereas others discard it claiming that the high heat robs it of its nutrients and molecular structure. There is no hard conclusion derived as yet. If confused, you can check with your doctor or dietician.

While it is best to go with the kind of milk you most resonate with, it is always good to know about the options that are available.

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  1. Shameem Anwar

    I use Amul Taza toned milk for making my morning tea.50/50 of Amul with water and any strong tea leaf. A perfect way to start the day!

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    I use nandini good life it’s good for setting perfect curd even in winter season

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