Photo Tutorial: 8 Simple Steps for Creating a Half-Cut Crease

Want to create that perfect shimmering bronze look but are worried about a disastrous outcome? The answer lies in a half-cut crease. As the term suggests, it is a technique that accentuates the crease with an application of a contrasting eyeshadow. It is especially helpful in lifting the eyelid and transforming your overall look. Here, beauty enthusiast Ruwaidah Sheikh gives us a step by step breakdown…

Black is everyone’s favourite colour! Either you deliberately dress in black every day or simply end up wearing it without realising. Either way, you simply cannot avoid the colour. But, what about a black eyeshadow? Most girls, especially beginners to makeup, avoid shades of brown and black claiming it to not be their cup of tea. It’s intimidating to use these shades as they are just one mistake away from disastrous looking racoon eyes.

The trick:

Use a soft blending brush and apply the eyeshadows light handily and plan out where you want to enhance the natural contour of your eyes and where you want to pack on the shimmer. When it comes to eye makeup, the key is to keep it as neat as you possibly can and of course blend it all together to make the transition look flawless and gorgeous.

If you’re a beginner at using dark eyeshadows and want to create the perfect shimmering bronze look, then follow these 8 simple steps for creating a half-cut crease.

Step 1: Start with the base 

Apply an even coat of eyeshadow primer and set it with a translucent powder or a white eyeshadow. This will increase the longevity of the eyeshadows applied and will keep it in place, avoiding any kind of smudge or smear.

Step 2: Time to create the perfect gradient

Using a fluffy blending brush, gently apply an eyeshadow slightly above the crease of your eyelid. The eyeshadow must be two tones deeper than your skin tone. Blend it well and ensure that the eyeshadow does not go all the way up to the eyebrow.

Step 3: Intensify

Using the crease shade as an outline, blend in a darker brown eyeshadow only on the outer corner of your eye. The eyeshadow is to be evenly applied just a little below the crease and blended slightly outward.

P.S. It’s ok if it looks a little messy now, or if you’ve got a little bit of brown on the centre of the lid while creating your cut crease all that will be erased with a concealer.

Step 4: Create a cut crease

Using a small, flat edged eyeliner brush, pick up some concealer and create a neat cut crease that extends only a little beyond the middle of your eyelid. Open your eyes to map out how high you want the cut crease to be. The cut crease will only be visible if it is a little higher than your eye socket line.

Step 5: Blend and intensify the edges

Once you’ve applied the concealer, set it with a light yellow eyeshadow and blend the edges of the concealer neatly making it hug the darker eyeshadow that is applied on the outer corner of the eye. You can also further intensify the darker eyeshadow on the outer corner of the eye if desired.

Step 6: Pack on the shimmer

Pack on a shimmery bronze eyeshadow on the centre of the lid and blend the edges neatly.

Step 7: The finishing touches

Apply a blinding light golden eyeshadow in the inner corner of the lid and merge it with the bronze shade. Smoke out your lower lash line using the same dark eyeshadow that was applied on the outer corner of the eyelid.

Step 8: Create a winged eyeliner and apply mascara

Step 9: Slay away

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