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Five ways to build your kid’s immunity

It is always painful to see our little child suffering, be it even a small cough and cold. Pumping medicines each time is not the best idea as it will only weaken the system. The ideal way to reduce your kid falling sick is by building upon their immunity. Here are five ways that can help…

Ensure they have the right food

This is always the start point of all immunity-related debates. Remember that what goes in is usually shows up in terms of your child’s immunity and energy levels as well as the overall growth. Put plenty of green and other seasonal vegetables on her plate. Also, do not forget to teach good snacking habits like reaching out for a fruit instead of a bag of chips. In fact, it is a good idea to pile up the junk on the top shelf of your pantry and keep the fruit at an easy-to-reach level. This way, when your child is hungry, she will immediately gravitate to the colourful fruit. Children must eat all types of seasonal fruits and vegetables because this will build their strength to fight ailments, especially when there is a change in weather as it is when most tend to suffer from viral fever or the sniffles.

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Maintain personal and environmental hygiene

There are several efforts that parents can make towards securing personal hygiene and environmental hygiene of their child. Starting from keeping the surroundings clean with regular sweeping, swabbing, and wipe downs, to washing vegetables and fruits well, and even storing cutlery and crockery in airtight containers, you can do several things to keep the environment free of dust and grime for your child. Ensure that their hands and legs are clean after they come from a play. Keep a hand sanitizer handy for older children and loop it around their water bottles when they go to the park to play. You can also keep a pack of wet wipes when they are travelling to school and whilst they are on field trips. Check their vaccinations chart and put reminders for the next vaccination so that you do not miss any.

Increase the snooze time

You all may have heard that a child grows best while sleeping. But did you also know that she needs to sleep well in order to have a good immune system too? With good sleep, she is less susceptible to the attack of microbes and cancer-causing cells. So, build a good bedtime routine and spend that precious time tucking your child into bed, with a favourite toy, blanket, and a book (do so only after she can start moving around). Also, if she is too restless and not sleeping well, you can use add-ons like a small projector that throws some shapes moving in a general direction with soft and soothing music. This can lull the child’s brain into a peaceful sleep.

Breastfeed babies

The babies who breastfeed have a much better immune system that those who do not get to indulge in the same. So breastfeed your baby for as long as you can, because this is where the child gets the purest nutrition, which will fight the attack of germs until much later in life. In fact, the yellow pre-milk that all mothers get immediately after the delivery of the child is of utmost importance when it comes to building the immunity of the child. When you are breastfeeding, you should ensure that your diet is good too because that will dictate the quality of the feed. Drink lots of water and eat plenty of protein and other vitamin-rich food so that your child may benefit from the same, early on.

Make sure they exercise regularly

Your child must get plenty of time in the park and outside the classroom, every single day. This helps them in remaining exposed to all kinds of dust and dirt so that they do not fall prey to illnesses and diseases easily upon sporadic exposure to the same. Plus, when a child sweats, it promotes the flushing out of toxins and the immunity system tends to grow stronger. In fact, you can all make a pact as a family to exercise together before or after school. You should also take your babies out on regular walks in the stroller and let him or her enjoy the surroundings and build their immunity. Bike riding and frequent hikes or treks are recommended for boosting the immunity of a child.

A strong foundation is a way for a healthy and long life. So make sure you take the right steps at the right time to pep up the immunity of your child.

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