What’s trending in the beauty world right now

Wondering what’s trending in the beauty world at the moment? If you are the sorts who likes to be up to date then this feature is for you. From waterweight foundations to active beauty picks, glitter eyes to beauty gadgets and more, we dish out on the most sought-after trends that are reigning at the moment.

Waterweight foundations

Wondering if the contouring trend will ever rest in peace in the upcoming years too? With the rise of the weightless foundations that has water-like textures, it seems like the main focus is gone back to real looking skin. Instead of a matte and full coverage foundation and sculpted look, people are slowly diverting towards these waterweight foundations that are as thin as water and just look like your own skin!

Dramatic black eyeliner

The black eyeliner has taken a new turn when it comes to eye makeup. As seen on many runway shows, specially at the Marc Jacobs, the dramatic bold traced liner on both the lash lines with a sharp wing at the corner of the eyes is making quite a sensation. To achieve this particular look, trace both your upper and lower lash line with thick lines of your eyeliner. Wing the liner out at a dramatic angle or create a graphic shape of your choice for even more drama.

Active beauty picks

As per a Google consumer survey, almost 78% of us are unaware of what products to use before and after working out or exercising. It’s interesting to know that beauty brand like Clinique is working on adding an extremely high-performance skincare range that is called Clinique Fit. This product range targets skin concerns that are exercise specific, such as clogged pores or redness.

New Glitter

The glitter eye trend has definitely created a splash this year, especially on the runways. It isn’t the typical glitter eyeliner look, but accessorising your eyes with various gems, sequins and rhinestones. The trick to keep them in place is using eyelash glue. While you do need to be a little patient to achieve this look, it is worth the effort.

Beauty gadgets

The portability of beauty technologies has made the advanced skincare a lot more accessible. This year, you will not only put those hair tools inside your weekend bag, but also micro-needle devices and light therapy masks too! One of the most popular devices amongst all is the derma roller. The micro-needling tool helps in treating acne spots, acne scars, fine lines, wrinkles, acts as a reverse ageing process and also helps in getting rid of those stubborn blackheads and whiteheads.

Rounded cat eye

This year, the cat eye has gone to a whole new level. Instead of drawing out a sharp wing, a rounded edge is seen at runways. Certainly, something to look out for if you want to experiment with your eye makeup game. To achieve this look, simply trace the outline of your desired wing and then carefully fill it in. You can also use an eyeshadow applicator with a sponge to imprint the round shape.

These are some of the biggest beauty trends that you can look out for if you wish to ace the skincare as well as makeup game!

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