7 Hairstyles that are trending right now

Bored of styling your tresses the same old way and looking the same every day? Or maybe you just want to give wings to your inner creativity through your makeup and hair? Whatever the reason, we give you an impetus to style your mane differently. Here is the low-down on 7 hairstyles that are trending right now…

Curtain bangs

When it comes to hair trends, the 70’s is wielding some major influences. This hairstyle is often worn on women with straight or wavy tresses with a centre partition. You can create it by straightening your mane or making loose waves and cutting long bangs on the sides by parting your hair in the centre. A retro delight, the curtain bang style is perfect for those who want to look cute and chic at the same time.

Boho chic

Let out your fun and feminine side with these romantic and messy curls. Over here, you need to sport long silky hair that starts smooth on the top (probably till your ears or the nape of your neck) and later falls into a mountain of rings and waves. You can create loose waves via your curling iron or straightener, or with the hot rollers from the middle to the end of your locks. Once completed, finish the look with a hairspray and shake the curls out. It is ideal for vacations!

Textured bob


This messy textured bob has a deep side parting that frames the face. Other subtle layers of the locks add some extra texture. To create this look, part your mane to one side when they are slightly damp and comb it. Push your hair thoroughly to one side so it stays intact in that particular direction. Run your fingers through and dry them. Blow dry in an upwards direction to create some texture and volume. If needed, curl a few hair pieces using a large-sized iron and then rough them up with your fingers. Add some hairspray to create more texture.

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Deep side part

If you’re tired of styling your long hair and looking for something new, a deep side parting can totally change the whole look. All you have to do is that create a side parting on your good side. Make sure it aligns with the arch of your eyebrow and then comb the rest of your hair to the other side. You can add some styling cream or gel to keep your tresses in place and then create waves or curls or style them in the manner that you desire. Let your inner diva shine with this look!

Modern classic bun

A low wrapped slicked back bun looks effortless as well as elegant at the same time. The clean lines give it a sophisticated and modern touch. To create this hairstyle, brush your mane thoroughly and make a side part on either of the side. Tease the crown area slightly and then smooth it back. Create a low ponytail and secure it. Wrap it up into a soft bun and secure it properly with bobby pins. You can also add some hair accessories to amp up your look.

Soft and silky

This hairstyle can be created with medium to long hair. It has various layers cut around your chin that perfectly frame your face. Apply a hair smoothening serum, to begin with. With the help of a large paddle brush, remove any moisture along with a hairdryer. When your mane is almost dry, use a round brush and roll the ends softly.

Retro curls

Many of the vintage hairstyles are making a major comeback this year and the retro curls are one of them. To create these curls, add some volumizing mousse when your hair is damp. Then blow dry them till they are almost 75% dry. Grab your rollers and roll your hair quickly and then let your locks air dry. Once they are dry, remove the rollers and brush through your hair to get bouncy retro curls.

These are some of the hairstyles that are trending right now. Create them easily and make all the heads turn!

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