Haircare routine for men

Whoever said that beauty is only restricted to women? Caring for oneself to have the perfect skin and hair is essential for men as well. Why should girls have all the fun, right? Let’s highlight a few tips on haircare routine for you men, where you can look your best while remaining true to your authentic self.

Choose the right shampoo and conditioner

Using the correct products according to your hair type or problems makes a huge impact on the health of your scalp and locks. Follow these steps to set your hair right.

• Determine your hair type or the problem you are facing, for example, hair loss, dandruff or thinning.
• Choose the correct shampoo and conditioner accordingly. Make sure that the products you opt for are paraben and sulphate free or at least low content of the same.

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Determine the frequency

Now that you’ve chosen the right products for your hair, you need to figure out how often you need to use them.

• If you are someone who works out heavily and sweats a lot, you probably need to wash your hair every day. But if you are fine with washing your hair every other day and sweat less, then wash it around 3 times a week.
• On the days when you’re not washing your hair, you can skip wetting them completely or even just apply a tiny amount of conditioner to avoid making them look dry.

Washing and drying hair

Who doesn’t love having a hot shower! But it’s a totally opposite thought for our hair.

• It is advisable to use lukewarm or cold water to wash hair to keep them shiny and frizz-free. However, if you still can’t bathe with cold water, make sure that the last 2 minutes of your rinse is with cold water so that the temperature tones down.
• It is best to air dry your hair. If you wish to towel dry, pat them gently. For a quicker process, you can also use a dryer. But remember, excessive heat can cause damage so try your best to avoid it.


Styling is as much important as washing them regularly to look presentable. If you’re someone who loves to set your hair, follow these steps to achieve the perfect look.

• Apply some hair gel or pomade on wet hair.
• Start with a small amount to avoid making your hair look greasy.
• Once applied, comb your hair to get the desired style.

Note: Hair gels work the best for normal to thin hair whereas hair pomade would be the best suitable for thick and curly hair. Avoid using hair waxes as they are difficult to remove and make hair stiff and dry. Also, use alcohol-free styling products as alcohol ones can be harsh on the hair and can lead to damage.

Hair maintenance

A hair care routine is incomplete without a proper maintenance. Keep these things in mind to help keep healthy locks.

• Have a regular haircut to avoid looking messy. Some might need to cut their hair every 2 to 3 months, while some might have to visit the barber every month.
• Know how often you need to visit the barber and stick to that schedule strictly.
• Have a fixed routine for trimming them to keep it in shape, and moreover to look clean.

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Most men skip this step, but it is essential to regularly oil massage your hair. It helps to have a healthy growth and provide enough nutrition to the scalp.

• Make sure to oil your hair at least once or twice a week to avoid having premature greying and dry hair.
• Massage the oil on your scalp (try a circular motion) for a few minutes so that the oil seeps into the scalp.
• Leave it on for at least an hour before shampooing.
• Sleeping with oiled hair overnight is the best alternative for a hair spa. You can wrap a light towel around your hair or on your pillow to avoid staining.
• Use any oil of your choice. However, coconut oil is known to be hair’s best friend.

Build a routine with these simple steps to maintain healthy hair and look your best.


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