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Top 8 under-eye products worth trying

The delicate skin around our eyes is easily affected by sleep-deprived nights that can cause damage to it. While a stress-free lifestyle, loads of water intake, good sleep, healthy diet and proper skin care is the best remedy, using the right product can make a difference too. Having said that, as you are planning to treat the most sensitive part of the skin, you need to be careful about what you choose. Here we list down a few of the best under-eye care products from well-known brands…

Himalaya under-eye cream

Himalaya is known for its natural herbal solutions. The brand’s under eye cream tops the list of best under-eye products as it is made with a formula that takes special care of the delicate skin around the eyes. This product is one of the popular breakthroughs of Himalaya, for which the brand has filed a US patent.

Himalaya Under-Eye Cream has a unique and safe blend of herbs that have the following benefits:
• Reduce the appearance of dark circles.
• Protects skin from the sun.
• Has high detoxifying and moisturising ability which helps in smoothening fine lines and further delaying wrinkles.

Mamaearth under-eye crème

For those who have been constantly fighting against dealing with skin prone to dark circles and wrinkles around your eyes, Mamaearth brings an under-eye cream which is composed with a mix of vitamin C, peptides, caffeine and many other ingredients. The cream targets to resolve most under-eye problems like:
• Dark circles
• Puffiness
• Eye bags
• The saggy skin around eyes
• Wrinkles
The special product is not just made for under-eye treatment, but it also can be used as an all over face cream for generic gentle treatment. The brand suggests daily use to reap best results.

Vedaearth Under Eye Oil

A clear, glowing and flawless skin comes before makeup as a healthy skin always brings out the best look. The effort in achieving it begins from the eyes, as they can do a lot of talking.

This is one such brand which focuses on natural products and believes that eyes communicate a lot when it is free of dark circles and puffiness! Vedaearth Under Eye Oil is pure and works in the most natural way to nourish skin and lighten the affected area.

Jovees 24 Carat Eye Contour Gel

Jooves specialises in 24 carat gold leaves infused products. Their formula also includes precious herbs and botanicals. Try Jovees 24 Carat Eye Contour Gel which helps in rejuvenating sensitive skin cells under eyes. It also reduces the dark circles making the entire face look bright and fresh.

This product has been proved as an excellent anti-ageing gel with its composition including amla, aloe vera, almond oil and sandalwood oil along with gold.

Sebamed Q10 Lifting Eye Cream

This product is a must try, as it is carefully formulated by dermatologists and recommended
by experts. Sebamed Q10 Lifting Eye Cream contains co-enzyme Q10, which helps to slow
down the ageing signs.

Fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness takes away the natural beauty your skin holds. The composition in this formula is aimed at smoothening the skin, stimulate cell growth and improve skin vibrancy in a very short period of time. It works with the skin’s natural pH value 5.5 and strengthens the natural protective barrier.

The Body Shop Eye Cream – Vitamin E

Vitamin E has success stories in almost all beauty treatments. The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream is a must try for its beneficial factors to soothe skin around eyes. This best-selling cream is formulated with bio-fermented hyaluronic acid and wheat germ oil.

With the goodness of several skin-friendly ingredients, you must include this eye cream in your personalised skincare routine. Gently massage the skin around eye area after applying this cream.

Lakme Youth Infinity Skin Firming Eye Crème

Lakme works with the trends and updates their product with a new and advanced level of
technology. Their Lakme Youth Infinity Skin Firming Eye Crème is one of the most promising products.

The skin firming and lightening vitamins in the cream gives a glowing illuminated look. This silk-like cream melts and gets absorbed easily into the skin and keeps it moisturised. The formula and texture are such that it is perfect to be added to your cosmetic kit.

Kaya Brightening and Firming Eye Serum

Kaya Clinic is known for its expertise in skin treatments and offers a range of skin care products are equally promising. For treating puffiness and discoloured skin around eyes, try Kaya Brightening and Firming Eye Serum. It enhances the area and makes it look fresh and rejuvenated.

The composition is uniquely formulated for high efficiency. It contains a synergetic active complex of soy and rice peptides, yeast protein, hyaluronic acid and seaweed extract. Tiny drops around the eyes will create magic in a short time span.

Let your eyes express itself! Go ahead and try out these products.

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