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Creative DIY light decors for your home this Diwali

Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights is celebrated with pomp and splendour across India. During this festival, people decorate their homes with lamps, lanterns and candles to welcome positive energy. Families gather and celebrate with delicious feasts and burst firecrackers. Also, if you are an art and craft enthusiast, you may want to add a personal touch to your home decor. Here are a few do-it-yourself ideas for creating beautiful Diwali decorations from regular home items:

Paper Lampshades

Too much craft paper left over from your child’s art project? You can use this to make colourful lamp shades or lanterns of different patterns and hang them around the house for a festive look. Here is how you can make a paper lantern with a handle:

• Take a rectangular piece of colourful craft paper and fold it in half lengthwise.
• Make cuts every 2 to 2.5 cm along the folded edge, such that the cuts do not reach all the way to the other end. Leave a 4 to 5 cm gap between the end of the cuts and the other edge of the paper.
• Now open the sheet and glue the ends of the paper together to form a cylinder, such that the cuts are lengthwise.
• Gently press the cylinder opening on both sides so that the middle portion of the cuts juts out to form a lantern shape.
• Cut another thin, long strip of paper and glue it to the top of the cylinder to make a handle.
• You can place a tea light inside this and it will give you a beautiful glowing effect.

Glass Jar Lights

Do you have several empty glass jars at home that you cannot find a use for? You can avail of these to make festive lights.
• Get glass jars of different shapes and sizes and remove the lids.
• Tie colourful satin ribbons around the opening to make them look festive.
• Place lit tea lights or scented candles in these jars.
• Arrange them in groups at strategic places in your home for a warm candlelit glow.

Fairy Lights in Bottles

If you have several tall bottles lying at home (such as empty wine, vinegar or ketchup bottles), you can use them to create an amazing lighting effect this Diwali.
• Arrange the various coloured bottles side-by-side on a table.
• Put a set of fairy lights (string lights) into each bottle.
• Plug in the lights such that the wires and light points are hidden behind the bottles.
• Turn on the lights to create a radiant effect with the luminous bottles.

Paper Cup Lights

Too many paper cups left over from a house party? You can use these to make paper cup string lights to brighten up your home this Diwali. Make this a family project by involving your children and spouse.
• Decorate the paper cups using art supplies and shiny star and moon-shaped stickers.
• Make two holes on the bottom of each paper cup with a sharp object to string fairy lights through them.
• String multicoloured fairy lights through the cups, making sure there is at least one bulb inside each cup.
• Hang them up in your drawing room to brighten up the house.

Flowers and Floating Candles

You can use brass or glass bowls in your house to make a beautiful candlelight display.
• Take a large brass or glass vessel and fill it with water.
• Add rose petals or marigold flowers to this, such that the flowers float on the surface of the water.
• Put different coloured floating candles among the petals and it will make for a stunning centrepiece.

Diwali Wall-Hangings

You can use old CDs or recycled items to make wall decor. Here is how…
• Get several old CDs and make tiny holes on one side. You can do this using a drill or by piercing the CD with a hot needle.
• Next, paint the CDs using acrylic paint or old nail polish. You can paint them in different colours and patterns.
• Once the paint is dry, you can use old bindis and stickers to decorate the CDs to make them look glittery.
• String them together using twine or a satin ribbon.
• You can hang this new wall-hanging over a doorway or on a wall for a festive look during Diwali.

Fruit Peel Candles

Use fruit peels and old candles to make scented candles for Diwali.
• Collect halved fruit peels from oranges and lemons. Keep one-half intact and cut out a floral-shaped opening in the other half.
• Melt the wax from old candles and pour it into a tea light mould. Place a wick made of cotton or twine in the wax. Light this and place it in the bottom half of the fruit peel. Cover it with the top half such that the flame is seen through the floral-shaped opening.
• The warmth of the candle inside the fruit peel will fill your home with a citrus scent.

So, why not make this Diwali truly special with the above creative ideas? Let the lights bring the goodness into your home and hearts.

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