7 Fun ways to style short hair

Having short hair is definitely fun, but styling it requires experimenting and the know-how of technique to look the best. All you short-haired beauties looking to flaunt your mane in a unique manner? Here are 7 different ways you can try…

Front Twist

Most of the times, it’s seen that the best hairstyles can be made on the second-hair days. To create this adorable front twisted look:
• Make a deep side parting and spray some dry shampoo on the roots of your hair.
• Split the crown hair at the back into two and start twisting them together, like that of a French braid.
• Add more sections of hair as you gradually work towards your hairline.
• As you reach the end, pin it underneath your hair and secure it with bobby pins.

Chic Crown Braid

A perfect style for a casual daily look or even for an evening touch. To achieve this look:
• Pull all your hair back and create a side parting.
• Start to Dutch braid your hair diagonally, starting from your left side of the parting (Dutch braiding is crossing your hair sections under each other rather than over).
• Repeat the same on the right side of the parting that goes straight towards the backside of your hair.
• Secure both the braids with bobby pins in a bun.

Double Top Knot

This hairstyle is a genius way to style cropped hair. To achieve this look:
• Divide your hair into two equal parts using the end of your rat tail comb.
• Add some texture to your hair using a hairspray to easily style them.
• Brush each side of your hair one by one up into a high ponytail.
• Once you brush them, gather all the loose strands together that were unable to fit in the ponytail and brush them upwards.
• Spray some holding spray onto them and secure them with pins at the back on your hair.
• Now, twist the ponytail into a tight bun, smaller in size and pin it using bobby pins.
• Repeat this step with the other ponytail as well and rock that chic hair look.

Faux Bangs

Bangs definitely never go out of style and look classy and chic when done correctly. To create this hairstyle:
• Make a deep side parting on either side of your preference.
• Sweep your hair across the forehead and secure them properly behind your headband on the other side.
Yes, it’s that simple! It looks so effortless and put together at the same time no one can guess that they are faux bangs!

Bohemian Lob

This Bohemian hairstyle is just magical! To create the look:
• Part your hair in the middle and from either side of the partition, separate a small section of hair.
• Grab one section of the parted hair and start twisting it.
• As you go towards the back of your hair, keep adding few sections of the hair to the twist.
• Once done, keep this twist in place by securing it with a curl clip.
• Repeat these steps on the other side and tie both the twists together with clear elastic at the back.

Headband Braid

To achieve this pretty yet elegant look follow these steps:
• Part your hair to one side to start creating this look.
• If you have parted your hair to the right side, take a small section of your hair along the hairline to the left side of your partition and create a Dutch braid.
• If you have parted your hair the other way, follow these steps in the opposite direction.
• Continue to braid till you reach the end and secure the braid behind your ear with pins.

Half Top-up Knot

If you have a slightly longer bob, this hairstyle will look absolutely divine. To achieve this look:
• Give your hair some beachy waves with the help of a straightener or curler and tie the crown hair into a high ponytail.
• Next, twist the ponytail into a bun and secure it with some bobby pins.


These are some cool ways of styling short hair that you can try out. Create these fun hairstyles and you’ll look fabulous.

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