7 Ways to avoid cakey foundation

Achieving flawless makeup can be a little tricky if not done right. More often than not, the base layer we apply ends up looking blotchy and cracked on our face, which might not be the fault of our product at all. Sometimes, we tend to make minor mistakes which ruin the overall look. One such item that is tricky is the foundation. It tends to get cakey after a while if not applied correctly. To avoid the same, here are some handy tips worth taking note of…

Prep your skin well
If your skin is not prepped correctly, a cakey foundation is a common issue. Make sure to moisturise your skin properly, regardless of your skin type. It is essential that your face stays hydrated before you apply any makeup.

Don’t skip the primer
After the moisturiser, make sure to apply a primer before you start off with the foundation. It will fill out any open pores and smoothen out your skin for an even application of the makeup. Wait for a couple of minutes after you apply the moisturiser to let your skin absorb it completely and then start with the next layer.

Build the foundation
Once you have primed, start with a little quantity of foundation on your face and avoid applying too much at once. Gradually layer it up as required, as smearing a lot of product in the first go will make it look clumpy. Remember that you always build up the coverage, but not remove the excess.

Use sheer to medium coverage foundation
Thick and full coverage foundations often tend to attract most of us, but are not suitable for a daily use. These have a thick consistency and can be heavy on your skin. They are preferable only for certain events, parties or occasions. You can opt for a base that has a medium coverage so that it doesn’t cake up easily and is suitable for layering. A lightweight foundation is the best way to look flawless. As we already use a concealer to hide the imperfections, it’s good to invest a medium coverage foundation!

Apply concealer after foundation
Many times we tend to apply concealer prior to the foundation, which can ruin the base. Avoid putting layers of concealer over the primer, as it makes the makeup look heavier. A good coverage foundation tends to cover up most of the dark circles, blemishes and pigmentation. Once it settles down, apply a layer of concealer. Do not confuse yourself with concealing and colour correcting. Colour correcting is supposed to be done before applying the foundation while concealing is to be done after you apply it.

Dab the product
Most of us tend to use various brushes and blenders to merge our makeup and even then it ends up looking patchy. The best way to apply the product is to dab it against our skin instead of rubbing it vigorously. Apply thin strokes of the foundation by making stripes on your face instead, as it will ensure an even application of the product. Then with the help of your fingers or any preferred tool gently start dabbing it against your face. This will help set the foundation well on your skin.

Patience is the key
Hurrying to apply the makeup products can tend to make you look all patchy. A perfect application requires patience and attention. If you’re in a rush, it is better to avoid detailed makeup. Layering up products right after you apply foundation may tend to displace it and make it look streaky. Wait for a couple of minutes after you put the foundation and let it sit on your face. Apply a translucent powder or a lightweight compact powder once your foundation is dry and allow it to create a smooth base for other products. Let the previous coat settle down on your skin before you go on to the next one. This will leave you looking impeccable.

Keep in mind these tips and your foundation will not let you down. Let your makeup look flawless and flaunt-worthy.

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