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How to bring in a festive touch to your home décor

Decorating one’s home is a joy during festivals. Planning for a beautiful and cheerful look does not have to be a challenge on your pockets, thanks to easily available décor articles. You can unleash your creativity with the following handy tips:

Pick a theme!
Decorating your house becomes much easier with a theme in mind and can help you decide on the different décor items you need. For example, you can choose a nature-based theme, that uses warm, earthy colours or go for a modern theme, with soft pastel hues and trendy décor accents. You can also go classic, Asian, colonial, or even rustic, as long as you have a plan.

First impression is the last impression!
As the word goes, the first impression is the best one! You can brighten your entrance by polishing your doors and giving your gates a coat of paint. Decorate them with garlands, which can be easily made with roses, marigolds, daisies, carnations, as per your choice.

For Diwali, a rangoli is the best way to adorn your entrance, along with some traditional diyas. Instead of coloured powders for rangoli, you can experiment with a number of other things. Get flower petals of different variety and arrange them in small pattern or use dyed rice, which can be made at home.

Just follow these steps to make it:
• Take a mason jar and add some drops of food colour, followed by a tablespoon of hand sanitiser.
• Then add a few cups of rice, as needed for your design.
• Now shake the jar repeatedly so that the colour spreads evenly through the rice and let it dry.

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Light it up!
The right kind of lights are very important to bring in that festive feel. Opt for string ones for a modern look and lace your windows and walls with them. Choose lights in colours that complement your décor/ theme. You can also arrange the string lights creatively with transparent sticky tape, to create shapes like flowers or diyas.

You may invest in some affordable floor lamps, especially earthen ones or paper ones. Pendant lights in different tints or shapes can be hung together for a very unique effect too. Minimalistic wall sconces are budget-friendly and can be creatively positioned to highlight a wall or dedicated space.

Go traditional
If you have old lanterns at home, bring them out, paint them in vibrant shades and light them up. Arranging flowers and candles alternately along the edge of a room, or along the entrance can add to the festive charm.

For a very traditional look, use diyas to light up your exterior and interiors. Take your décor game up a notch by painting them in designs according to your theme. You can also spread some glue on their outer surface and sprinkle glitter on them to add some sparkle.

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If you have any water body at home like a fountain or a pool, you can float diyas in them for a magnificent look. Or take a wide vessel, fill it up with water and float them along with some flowers and add in a few drops of scent. These are ideal for placing inside the home as well as outside.

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Festive furnishings
Give a quick makeover to your house with some festive upholstery. Bring out those beautiful bedspreads and hang them up on plain walls. If your old wedding saree is no longer wearable, cut out strips from it to make gorgeous throws or cut up old saree borders and sew them on cushions for a traditional feel. You can opt for vintage laces to add a punch to tablecloths and drapes.

Wall decorations
There is a lot you can do to decorate your walls. Hang strings of fresh or artificial flowers to make them pop. You can also hang up vibrant streamers or buntings. If you are looking to add a festive appeal to your walls throughout the year and not just for festive occasions, opt for beautiful Indian wall decal designs. They are available in shapes of diyas, lanterns, flowers, and much more. Paper cutouts in shapes of flowers, butterflies or geometrical shapes can be used too. You can also hang up beautiful lanterns by simply drilling in some hooks.

Always plan ahead for any upcoming festivities, so it gives you ample time to get the things required. Choose the placement of every item carefully to get that grand and elegant look.

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