Makeup for dry skin- Tips and tricks

Dry skin not only leaves you looking pale and dull but also makes it tough to look your best, especially during winter. If you have parched skin, you need to take extra care by opting for products which will keep it healthy. Choosing cosmetics which also moisturises will help you achieve the perfect glow during all seasons. Here are some tips to keep in mind while applying makeup for dry skin…

Moisturisers are your best friends

Preparing your skin well with a rich moisturiser before you apply your makeup makes a whole lot of difference. Including a thick night cream in your routine will help you wake up with radiant, glowing and baby soft skin. Do keep in mind to apply your lotion every morning and evening to keep your skin hydrated.

Choose the correct formula

Choosing the right kind of makeup product is essential. Look for foundations that are moisturising, hydrating and have a dewy finish to keep you glowing and fresh. Avoid formulas that are matte or meant for oily skin. Such products will not only dry out your skin but also gives you a patchy look.

Use a hydrating primer before applying foundation

Using a primer is as important as using a moisturiser before you apply your foundation. However, make sure that your primer is super hydrating as it will make sure that your makeup lasts for a longer time. Avoid the matte products, as they are suitable for oily skin. You can also use certain facial oils that work as amazing primers for your makeup. These oils will lock in the moisture and keep your skin from getting dry.

Apply a creamy concealer

Concealing your imperfections can be quite a task when it comes to dry skin. Moreover, choosing the type of concealer to wear or formula is even more difficult. Since you have dry skin, you need to opt for something that has a rich creamy consistency. It will provide a good amount of coverage and doesn’t dehydrate the skin.

Don’t powder entire face

Setting your foundation and concealer right in the needed area is very much important. Dust a small quantity of powder only on the required areas where you tend to crease, like the smile lines or the T-zone which can get oily as the day passes by. Applying it all over can make your face look cakey and might leave dry patches.

Mix moisturiser and foundation

On the days you decide to wear a full coverage foundation but wonder if it will make your skin dry, you can mix a few drops of your moisturiser along with your foundation to make it look dewy. If you choose to wear a mattifying foundation, as they tend to give a lot of coverage, you can apply the same trick. In case you have extra dry skin or just want to achieve that glowing-from-within look, you can apply a few drops of your facial oil as well in your foundation. This trick will surely make a huge impact on your skin and make it look radiant.

Apply a setting spray

Once you are done with putting on your makeup, make sure that you spritz some setting spray over your face. However, again, use it wisely to get the perfect look and not dry out your face.

With a little extra care, anyone with dry skin can achieve the perfect makeup similar to any other skin. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll never have to think twice while applying makeup and looking gorgeous.

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