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7 Ways to organise your wardrobe

Your wardrobe is that piece of furniture that stores it all, from clothes and shoes to your accessories. A well-organised closet makes it easier to look for things, especially when in a hurry. So, plan on rearranging it regularly to ensure that it stays in order. However, a busy lifestyle can often get in the way of this task! Well, here are some tips and tricks to help you get started…

Sort! Sort! and Sort!

Hoarding on apparel and other items that you do not use often takes up unnecessary space, cramping your wardrobe. The first thing to do is sort your clothing into different categories. Keep aside any outfits you have not used in a year and give it away.

Separate the clothes according to seasons, such as winter and summer clothes. Also, the ones that you wear often should be sorted into piles and made easily accessible. Now you can further divide them according to their style, size, or colour, which can help get your hands on them hassle-free.

Do Away with Duplicates!

Pay close attention to duplicate clothing while organising your wardrobe. If you have the same or similar pieces of clothing in more numbers than needed, it is time to give them away. For example, if you have 8 green shirts out of which you only wear 5 very often, give away the other 3. Make more space for the new ones or other clothes in your wardrobe.

Be Strong and Purge Smartly

Apart from arranging your clothes, practice to place the ones used below the unused ones to avoid repeating them sooner than required and keep a good amount of gap before wearing them again. Make sure you get rid of any clothes that you haven’t worn in a year and the ones you do not plan on wearing any time soon.

Also, keep an eye out for clothes that may be damaged and dispose them if you don’t plan on getting them mended. These include anything with broken zippers, discoloured clothes, torn clothes, clothes with holes in them, etc.

Try Out Your Clothes!

A  lot of times, people give away clothes because they have never worn it and they lack the confidence to carry it off. While organising your wardrobe, try out such pieces and see yourself in the mirror to try and build confidence. The word around is that, the more you admire yourself in it, the more comfortable you will be to wear it. If you still don’t want it, donate them.

Understand What to Fold and What to Hang

Keep an eye out for what can be rolled, stacked or hung. Fold all the stackable clothes, arrange them in the shelves or the drawer. Clothes that are best when hung should be planned based on the kind of hangers which suit the fabric and the silhouette. Roll your inners and segregate them in drawers to make them easily available.

Delicate evening wears or sarees must be kept with a layer of paper between the fold and zipped in a bag hanger. Clothes like sweaters, for example, should not be hung as it may stretch and spoil their shape.

Make sure all your clothes are completely dry before folding them away to avoid getting them creased or attracting insects. You can keep either moisture sucking packs or naphthalene balls to prevent your clothes from getting damaged.

Make Notes

While organising your cupboard, make a list of all the clothes that you have and of all the clothing items you need.  Keep notes about what you are getting rid of so that you know what to shop for the next time. For example, if the only white shirt you have is spoilt and needs to be discarded, then add a white shirt in the list of items you need to get. Making notes can help you ensure that your wardrobe is up to date with all the things you need.

Store Smartly

Make sure that you store your clothes, shoes, and jewellery in the wardrobe in the most strategic manner. Store your shoes far away from your clothes to avoid them from stinking. Similarly, clothes that are back from the dry cleaners should be immediately taken out of the bags and stored in the cupboard.

If you feel like you are struggling to place your jewellery and shoes in the wardrobe, invest in some organisers that easily fit inside your wardrobe or can be hung on the back of their doors.

It’s always good to keep things in your wardrobe well in place, as it not only enables you to get ready quickly but also keeps you positive about making the right choices and looking fabulous. Try these tips out to gift yourself a presentable dresser.

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