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DIYs to organise your kitchen right

The kitchen is often considered the heart of a home. Are you a person who loves your culinary journey but also wants to avoid a mess? We have a few DIY tips to keep your kitchen organized and save you some time and energy. Here are a few pointers you can start off with:

Shelving the right way

You don’t need to build a big shelf to arrange your groceries, rather you can opt for a simple and affordable wall organiser which will not eat into your floor area.

  • – Try and get hold of corner shelves if your kitchen is small, as they will utilise the space well.
  • If you have a few planks of wood lying around from a previous DIY project, just cut them into the same size with a saw and fix them to the wall for a floating affair.
  • Drill holes at a convenient level, install brackets, drill them tightly, and then put up the shelf. Remember to screw the shelf to the brackets.

Use see-through jars and label them

Store everything from dry ingredients like cereals, rice, noodles and to liquid items like pickles, jams, sauces in transparent jars. This way, you can avoid opening each lid to figure out what is in.

  • Get hold of transparent jars in the same sizes to create a uniform and neat look.
  • If you are still confused about figuring out the containers, label them.
  • Make square or rectangular cutouts from a light coloured chart paper, name them and stick them on accordingly.

Make use of the under-sink cabinet

The space under the sink has a lot of potential, only if you know how to use it right.

  • Buy some simple paper towel holders, which can be fixed to the inside of your cabinet doors with a few screws.
  • You can stock your plastic trash bags, kitchen cleaning cloths and wipes, and rubber gloves. They stay out of sight but within easy reach!

Organise your drawer

A drawer that is stuffed with cutlery, bowls and tissues is a nightmare for an organised chef. So, buy some inexpensive plastic dividers to sort and compartmentalise your drawer.

  • Make sure you measure your drawer first so that the organiser fits right.
  • A drawer of spices can also be organised cleverly by using the same kind of mason jars to store all spices and name them on the lids accordingly.

Make the most of towel rods

Did you think the towel rods in your bathroom were just for hanging towels? Think again!

  • Buy a couple of simple towel rods and fix them with screws inside a kitchen cabinet door or maybe on the inside of your pantry door.
  • Make sure you keep around twelve inches gap between them. Now use the rods to stack the lids of your pots and pans easily.

Increase countertop space

Wondering how?

  • Fix a single and sleek shelf on the wall above your kitchen sink in a way that your washing activities are not hampered.
  • If you have a window in front of your sink, fix the shelf right below it. You can easily keep your dishwashing liquid, scrub pad and even a small potted plant here!

Put a shoe organiser to good use

Plastic and transparent shoe organisers are easily available online and they come cheap too.

  • Hang one of them behind the kitchen door or behind a cabinet door inside.
  • You can easily store nuts, biscuits, energy bars and snacks, and more in the numerous pockets of this organiser.
  • Plus, you will be able to see what is where easily, thanks to the transparent plastic.

Hang them up

For this hack, all you need are a few hooks which are strong enough to support your pots, pans, ladles and chopping board.

  • – Drill the necessary number of holes in your kitchen wall right above the stove to insert these hooks.
  • Make sure you keep ample space between them so that your crockery doesn’t clash with each other. Then hang up pots and pans and ladles against the wall, to free up countertop space.
  • You can also hang baskets containing onions, potatoes or garlic from these hooks, as these items are frequently used.

An organized kitchen can be a piece of cake if you use a little bit of creativity. Moreover, the above hacks are highly cost-effective and can be accomplished quickly and single-handedly.

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