Your guide to the under eye regime

Under eye care being a topic of trend in the beauty industry, has a variety of brands coming up with range of products dedicated to them. Wondering why this has created a raging style? Let’s discuss the purpose and how we can benefit from this routine, by choosing the correct product and following the steps to do it right.

So what exactly is a proper under eye regime?

The skin around the eyes is very delicate and starts to age faster than other areas. Even a slight pulling or tugging of that region can make it prone to wrinkles pretty fast. We are naturally inclined to get lines near the eyes with time. But other external factors play a role too, causing the skin to sag and making it look old before its actual time. We all age, but the beauty lies in ageing gracefully!

Hydration is the key

A good under eye regime includes caring for it regularly and keeping it hydrated. This entails moisturising the skin, so that remains supple for a longer time and doesn’t dry. Keeping this in mind, it is best to invest in a quality eye cream that caters to your needs. A good product targets the areas that need to be rescued and intensely nourishes the skin.

A few things to consider

Dehydration, intake of too much salt or sugar, sleep deprivation, allergy, too much consumption of alcohol may give you dark circles. The eye tends to get lines faster because it has fewer oil glands and needs nourishment to tackle it. If you face the issue of having dry eyelids, opt for products containing shea butter since it has great moisturising properties. So along with the use of eye cream, you need to look out for these matters as well.

Don’t be blind!

Now the low down on the under eye care is that we blindly believe in brands without inspecting it. A brand has to keep up its value and therefore their products might be exorbitantly priced! As a genuine customer, you need not fall for the product and avoid paying heavily. Brands have their own way of selling things to customers and you need to be vigilant here.

What to look for?

If you analyse this issue right, then picking up an eye cream will be a no big deal! Some might need help with the filling of the lines, while some the sagging of the skin. You need to be very specific about what you need from the product and what your skin requires or else you will be fooled easily.

Check labels thoroughly

Going through labels of the product ensures the ingredients are best suited for you. Avoid products with paraben and try to select the ones with fewer chemicals in it. Remember, it is the label that matters and not the brand name! Engrave it in your mind that you buy products for your need and not for any other purpose.

How to do it right?

Now that you have a clear idea on the importance of under eye regime and the kind of product to opt for, let’s discuss on how to do it.
• Take a very small quantity of the eye cream and apply it near the region.
• Don’t go too near to the eye as it may blur your vision.
• Dab the product in gentle strokes and never pull or tug the skin.
• The eyelid area too needs some care so don’t skip that area.
• Use the ring finger to apply the eye cream and always go in light strokes.

Building a daily routine for eye care will help give you the best results and it’s never too late to start it.

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