Your guide to the perfect glitter makeup

With the party season about to get into full swing, it’s that time of the year when glimmer takes a front seat. The recent fashion weeks too flaunted several glitter trends worth emulating. Having said that, when it comes to this kind of makeup, it can get tricky. Done the wrong way and you might end up looking tacky!

Coming to your rescue is Makeup Expert Vydurya (Artistry by Vydurya) who shares some valuable insights on how to strike that perfect balance with glitter makeup.

Tip: For the sparkles to stay put, apply glue or concealer as a base. It is best to use a tissue and spread it in your hands so that you can catch the fallouts. Use a waterproof makeup remover to clean off the excess.

The different glitter looks you can try:


A contrast of colours with a touch of glitter or crystals is one of the most happening eye makeup trends for the coming seasons.

How to achieve the look:
• Apply your base makeup first, if you will be wearing any.
• Apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly to your eyelids.
• Choose cosmetic-grade glitter that goes well with your makeup.
• Pat the glitter onto your eyelid with an eyeshadow brush.
• Finish and clean up the look.
Avoid rubbing your eyes while wearing glitter.

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A shade of luscious bold or dark colour with a swipe of gloss and some shimmer is in. You can also go nude with just a hint of glitter.

How to achieve the look:

• Apply a base or coat of concealer.
• Use a lip liner to create the desired lip shape.
• Apply a layer of glitter glue in the centre of lips.
• Meanwhile, apply your choice of colour around the lip and use the desired colour of the glitter in the centre of the lip to give it a dramatic effect.


While contouring shapes your face, adding some shine to highlight it gives you a more glamourous look.

How to achieve the look

• Once the skin is prepped well with a primer, mix the glitter with a tad bit of moisturiser and blend it onto the highlights of the face including cheekbones, nose, forehead and chin.
• Using a foundation over this will cut the harshness of the glitter. It will lend a sheen effect without making the makeup look heavy.


This is something of a WOW factor which we might have not seen much. Adding glitter that is not a hair accessory gives you an elegant look for an evening event.

How to achieve the look

• Grab a teasing brush and comb smooth the side of your hair.
• Hold it, in place and set it with a bobby pin.
• Using a hairspray, place the glitter on the sectioning immediately so the hairspray holds it.
• You could also mix the glitter with a transparent hair gel and apply it according to your hairstyle.

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The most commonly styled are our nails. We try to experiment with colours, design, texture and more. A touch of glitter on your nails has been in trend for a long time.

How to achieve the look

• Opting for a coloured glitter nail polish is one of the best ways.
• You can also coat your nails with preferred colour and add some glitter on top to enhance it or even contrast them alternatively with other shades.

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Try out these fabulous glitter ideas and set yourself apart from the crowd.

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