7 Best hairstyles for this wedding season

So begins the wedding season! Set aside all your traditional clothes and accessories to appear your best. As a wedding is filled with various traditions, we need to be ready for multiple looks for each part of the event. While the outfit and makeup help one make a statement, hairdos are the icing on the cake. On an obvious note, the outfit and makeup will make a statement, but a chic hairstyle will complete it by adding a touch of fabulous to it. Keep away the boring old styles, why not try something new? Here are some of the best hairdos to add the OOMPH you need…

Floral bun

Flowers add a classic touch to weddings any given season and amp up your hair game for a desi look. To achieve it, create a middle parting and continue with a donut bun. Then, wrap it up fully with either some delicate flowers or gajras. Voila! You are all set to look gorgeous with a saree, lehenga or anything traditional.

Soft waves

Waves never go out of style and what better time to flaunt them than at weddings! Make a center parting and apply some heat protectant on your hair before you start. Then take your hair curler or straightener and start making curls. Make medium sized curls or according to your preference and your waves will be done in no time! Also, this hairstyle suits most of the faces so go all out and try it.

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If you’re someone who wants something simple yet stylish, this is the best one for you. Pull back all your hair and create a neat topknot and you’re all set. You can pull out a few strands to frame your face. This look is chic with both traditional as well as Indo-Western touch. Make a statement with this easy to create hairdo.

Subtle side braid

Side braids look effortlessly elegant and can be paired with any outfit. To create this hairstyle, create a side parting on your desired side. From the other side, take a small section of hair and start to braid it normally. Add small sections of the hair from both the sides and keep adding them gradually till you reach the end of the braid. Once the braid reaches towards the other end, pin it up securely with some bobby pins under the rest of the hair. On the other side of the hair, you can create loose waves with a curler or straightener.

Messy side ponytail

Side ponytails are subtle and easy to do. To get this bubbly look, pull all your hair to one side of your choice and tie them up together with a hair tie. Pull out some strands to frame your face and you’re done! Leave the hair as it is, and it will give you a boho touch and looks good with most of the Indo- Western outfits.

Studded French braid

If you’re someone who doesn’t like to leave your hair loose and open, this hairstyle is one of the best options for you. Start by creating a French braid from the crown area and move downwards gradually. Secure the braid with a hair tie when you reach the end. You can then highlight your braid with some studs of pearls, beads or similar hair accessories. This hairdo not only brings focus on your facial features but also highlights your ear and neck accessories. A perfect look for any traditional attire!

Half up half down

This hairstyle is quite simple to create but looks beautiful and suits any outfit. To achieve it, give your hair some texture. You can create soft waves with a straightener or iron. Then take the hair of the crown area and tie them together in a ponytail. You can also pull some of the crown hair in order to make it look more voluminous and fuller. This is it! You are ready with the hairdo to flaunt this wedding season. It’s not just effortless but will elevate your entire style.

Try out these fun and chic hairstyles at weddings and look like a diva.

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