Aishwarya’s top three makeup looks (and how to recreate it)

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Known for her beauty, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has also proven to us that she is one of the ultimate global style icons. From many statement red carpet looks to subtle everyday ones, the star has carried them all with elegance. Wonder how she does it so effortlessly? Here are some of the looks inspired by her that you can recreate.

The signature look

Bold lips and classic winged eyeliner is one of her most popular looks. Follow these steps to create it.

Step 1: After moisturising, apply a primer across your face and allow it to settle on your skin.
Step 2: Take a foundation that has sheer to medium coverage and blend it perfectly on your face and neck.
Step 3: Contour your cheekbones lightly and highlight the highest points of your face.
Step 4: Then apply some eyeshadow primer and top it with a gold cream-based eyeshadow.
Step 5: Once it settles, add a black winged eyeliner.
Step 6: Create a dramatic cat-eye look and add loads of mascara.
Step 7: Line your lips with a bold red lip pencil and fill it in with the same colour.
Step 8: Then apply a red lipstick of a similar shade, which has a semi-matte finish.
Step 9: Spritz some setting spray on your face to finish off the look.

The Cannes 2016 look

This glamourous look of Aishwarya from Cannes 2016 has been our obsession ever since we saw it. It was simple but elegant! Here’s how you can create it too.

Step 1: Start by applying a primer on your face.
Step 2: Then apply a medium coverage foundation and blend it to make it look flawless.
Step 3: Apply a thin layer of concealer under your eyes to hide the dark circles, in case you have any.
Step 4: Dust your face with some loose powder to set the base in place.
Step 5: Take a coral blush and apply it to the apples of your cheeks.
Step 6: Apply eyeshadow primer before you start your eye makeup.
Step 7: Take matte cream-coloured eyeshadow and apply it in the crease.
Step 8: Take dark brown or bronze eyeshadow and apply it all over your lids.
Step 9: Then apply some gold eyeshadow in the inner corner of the eyes.
Step 10: Blend everything nicely to avoid the formation of creases.
Step 11: Draw a dramatic winged eyeliner and coat your lashes with mascara.
Step 12: To get fuller lashes, you can opt for falsies.
Step 13: Take a dark red lip liner and line your lips.
Step 14: Then to finish the look, take a lipstick of similar shade and fill your lips in.

The Indian look

Be it western or Indian wear, Aishwarya looks gorgeous in any outfit. This traditional makeup brought out her beauty and it’s irresistible. To create this look, follow these easy steps.

Step 1: Prep your face with some moisturiser and layer it up with primer.
Step 2: Then apply some foundation that has a light to medium coverage and blend it in your skin.
Step 3: Apply eyeshadow primer and let it settle down.
Step 4: Take a light beige coloured eyeshadow and apply it all over your crease.
Step 5: Take a brown eyeshadow and add some depth in the outer corner of your eyes.
Step 6: Blend both the colours to make it look creaseless.
Step 7: Using a black liquid eyeliner or gel liner, draw a dramatic winged style.
Step 8: Extend the liner to your brow bone to highlight the look further.
Step 9: Add a few coats of mascara for extra drama look.
Step 10: Touch some rosy pink blush on your cheeks.
Step 11: Then take a pink shade lipstick and fill your pout with it and rock the look!


Aishwarya’s look has always been a fashion and beauty inspiration. She likes to keep it simple yet elegant, leaving us in awe. Her classic bold lips and winged liner is something which adds to her beauty. Create these looks easily at home and get your glam game on!

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