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How to choose the right perfume

Choosing the right fragrance can be a challenge and often includes a lot of trial and errors. There are many factors (such as taste and personality) to be considered. Wondering which one will resonate the most with you? While there are no hard and fast rules, here are a few tips to help you narrow down on your signature scent.

Know your likes and dislikes It’s a well-known fact that our sense of smell is directly linked to the memories we have. Think of a fragrance and you might end up linking it to various memories. The smell of mud after a heavy rainfall, one of fresh flowers, or maybe the one of your favourite person’s perfume that lingered in the room after they left for work, you’d be able to relate to it all. Similarly, try thinking about some of your favourite scents and the kind of emotions they evoke in you.

When you go hunting for the right product, you would definitely end up trying many brands and their varieties of perfumes. To make it easy, try to either opt for a particular brand and pick something you like in it or go for a flavour and compare it among different brands. Always ask for a strip to spray on and check the perfume, as trying many on your wrist might blend with each other and lead to confusion.

Types of scents available

Here are few of the fragrances and their characteristics which set them apart:


Floral scents are soothing and most commonly preferred as well. They take us back to comforting memories of gardens, blooming flowers and sunny days on the grass. The aromatic notes of rose, jasmine, lavender and more are opted for frequently. They inspire love, sensuality and confidence and are often recommended for souls with a romantic bone and a soft personality.

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Fruity perfumes have subtle notes of spice and are often citrusy due to the elements they are derived from (such as peach, apple, melon and raspberry). These perfumes are ideal for women who are bubbly, dynamic and energetic. Infused with vitality and freshness, anyone who meets you will instantly feel energised by what your scent exudes.

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These are made of ingredients like sandalwood and patchouli that give a woody and soothing fragrance to the perfume. It may also consist of vetiver and cedar notes that are suited for people who are sober, elegant and sophisticated. Also, they have a calm, relaxed, grounding personality and enjoy being outdoors.

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Amber or oriental

Contains a sensual and strong character making it utmost captivating! They have the base notes of aromas like vanilla, coriander, and cinnamon that leave a mesmerising trail behind the one wearing it. People who are adventurous and love to travel, often prefer these fragrances.

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These are for the ones having a mysterious soul and a history that is intriguing. Notes of jasmine, bergamot, rose and oakmoss and are the base ingredients of the perfumes made for both men and women. They best suit those who have an original and enigmatic personality.

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It’s a feeling of being nostalgic due to its ingredients like coffee, vanilla, and tonka. These perfumes are indulging and comfortable, giving a warm emotion when worn. They induce a feeling of contentment and hospitality to the people around you.

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With an array of fragrances around us, it’s always tough to find what we like. The emotion an aroma or a particular element stirs within you, gives you a clearer idea of what kind of scent you prefer.

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    I was also confused to select the right perfume for mine. It will help me to tress out that from a bunch of fragnances.

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