Top 4 trending looks to try this season

Being fashion and beauty enthusiasts, we love to experiment with new looks based on the trends. Each season gives us style goals and we get inspired by top designers, celebrities and more. Here we have 4 top looks of the season, which are a must try.

Airport look

While travelling is fun, taking care of your skin and your look during the journey becomes stressful. Due to various issues like weather conditions, messy sleeping positions, untimely eating, short time span to get ready, etc., the skin becomes dull and undernourished. Your travel makeup look needs to be practical and simple with as few layers on the skin as possible. Here we have Vydurya Lokesh from Bengaluru, a celebrity makeup expert at Artistry by Vydurya, breaking down the look for us.

How to achieve the look:

Step 1: Start off with moisturising your skin.

Step 2: Take a liquid foundation, then mix a dab of moisturiser to make it lighter and hydrate your skin more.

Step 3: To set it, use powder foundation, as it’s quick, light and less messy.

Step 4: Coat your lips with a lip balm with a hint of gloss. You can also opt for nude or light shades of lipsticks to keep the look subtle.

Step 5: Line the outer corner of your eyes with a pencil or liquid liner.

Step 6: Enhance those lashes with mascara to add volume.

Tip: Always carry a toner or a facial spray, which will help you stay refreshed even after a long journey.

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Date night look

Getting ready for a date can put you in dilemma with thoughts like what to wear, how to look and most of all how to impress the guy. Here we have a trending look which makeup expert Vudurya Lokesh has shared with us on how to achieve it with these simple and easy steps.

How to achieve the look:

Step 1: Prepare the face by cleansing the skin with the right product that suits your skin type. Then use moisturiser and toner to prep your skin for the makeup application. This step helps achieve a dewy base.

Step 2: Prime the skin with a primer that enhances the skin and reduces the visibility of pores and fine lines. It also helps keep the makeup looking fresh and glowing for a longer period without requiring touch up.

Step 3: Begin the makeup application by grooming the brows and filling it in with a brow gel to define the shape. One of the best ways to define them is using a pencil as its hassle free and gives you natural strokes.

Step 4: Use a grey eye Kohl and apply it over the lid. Use a blender brush to smudge the colour all over the lid. This step helps in creating a pop of colour on the eye.

Step 5: Use a black pencil and line the upper waterline so as to get a defined eye shape. Curl the lashes and apply coats of mascara till you achieve a doe eye shape.

Step 6: Apply a concealer slightly darker than your natural skin tone in areas that require coverage from pigmentation.

Step 7: Find a foundation close to your skin tone and choose a formula that isn’t too heavy, as lighter the skin looks, more beautiful it is.

Step 8: Use a creamy lipstick or a cream colour base to add a flush of dewy shade on the cheeks. This helps in achieving a healthy glow touch on the skin.

Step 9: Use brown kohl on the lower waterline and smudge it with the grey pencil, so as to achieve a sultry smudged look that enhances the eyes.

Step 10: Finish it off with a beautiful shade of peach on the lips and bring out your best outfit to go swoon the man on that perfect date night.

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Corporate look

With a busy scheduled life, we all try our best look presentable on an everyday basis, especially when going to work. It’s always a challenge to select an outfit for the next day, as we get thinking about what makeup or hair would go with it and the time frame to achieve it. Here we have a trending look which is simple, quick and suitable for all your attires. Zebby Tellis, a Goa-based professional makeup artist explains this look for us here.

How to achieve the look:

Step 1: Moisturise and apply an SPF sunscreen lotion of your choice to hydrate your skin deeper.

Step 2: Apply foundation to get the base ready.

Step 3: Keep your look simple and subtle by applying a touch of highlighter on your cheekbones.

Step 4: Using a black kajal pencil, draw on the waterline of your eye or line the edge of your eyelids with a liquid liner. You can also go for both if you want to look bold.

Step 5: Tend to your eyebrows with a brow pencil by highlighting it at the edges and fill it up gently to give it a clean look.

Step 6: Make a statement with a bold red matt lipstick or you can keep it light with a nude or light pink lips.

Tip: As winter is almost here, keep your face and lips hydrated. Don’t forget to carry along a moisturiser and lip balm.

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College fest look

College fests are around the corner and planning on how to look fabulous is something all you girls have in mind.  Try out this gallant look as put down by Zebby and you will rock it!

How to achieve the look:

Step 1: Before you apply your eye makeup, you will need to create a base. This will help to ensure that your eye makeup lasts all day long

Step 2: Apply your foundation as usual. Make sure that you cover your entire face and blend well around the edges of your face. You can also apply some concealer to provide coverage for blemishes, discoloration, or dark circles under your eyes.

Step 3: Define your eyebrows as you normally would with brow powder or brow pencil.

Step 4: After you have prepped your face, apply a matte orange eye shadow to your creases. This will help to transition between your skin and the other colors that you apply. You can apply more than one layer depending on the color of your skin.

Step 5: Apply some metallic liner to your lower inner lash line.

Step 6: Line your lower lash line with aqua eyeshadow.

Step 7: If possible, use mascara that is labeled as “waterproof,” “long-lasting,” or “all day wear.”

Step 8: To ensure a glowing complexion, take a large fluffy brush and sweep some highlighter just above your cheekbones.

Step 9: Dab some highlighter onto your nose and cupid’s bow.

Step 10: Pick a bright hue lipstick for a more bold appearance.

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Go on and try out these looks and feel gorgeous this season.

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