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Grace Kelly had reined over Hollywood for a short span, but she is still is considered one of the most iconic actors ever. Apart from her talent in the film industry, she was also known for her classic good looks, sophistication and sense of style. Mesmerising the world with her timeless beauty, the star inspired us all with her elegance. Here we have few of her most admired looks.

1. A true icon who loved paying attention to details

Grace Kelly has been known to pay attention to details regarding both her beauty and style. She loved her signature scent Fluerissimo by Creed and always wore it. Also, she was a die-hard fan of the cult favourite beauty brand Erno Lazlo. Her flawless complexion is proof of her love towards the brand. She always made sure that her skin stays soft and hydrated all the time and doesn’t look dry. She dedicated her time properly on her beauty routines and paid attention to details to achieve that flawlessly perfect face.

2. Grace Kelly’s iconic beauty look

Grace never believed in following a particular trend. She instead preferred a more understated and timeless beauty. She was a bit coy and alluring when it came to makeup and liked to keep it more classic. Her signature look included flawless creamy skin, neutral eyes, a pop of blush, and berry-stained lips. Grace has also been known for her perfectly looking blush. She preferred using two different shades for a sculpted look that included a lighter colour on the cheekbones and a darker one beneath it. Her raspberry coloured pout is still mimicked and she liked to have a satin to a creamy finish.

3. Fifties glam

Grace Kelly was also known for her iconic classic curls. She loved keeping her hair glamorous and perfectly finished in finger-style curls. This look was an epitome from the fifties and we can’t stop admiring her style and looks. Inspired by her fifties look, here’s how you can recreate the look as well.

Step 1: Take a hair curler with medium sized tongs and start to curl your hair.
Step 2: Wrap section by section towards your face and not away from it.
Step 3: Make sure that you don’t wrap them tightly or you’ll end up with having spirals or tight curls.
Step 4: Our goal is to achieve loose curls so take your own time in creating them.
Step 5: Once you’re done, take your brush and gently brush out the curls.
Step 6: Also, if you want the typical look of Grace, you can go all out and create a faux bob.
Step 7: This is such a classic vintage glam that is still followed by many even today.

4. The secret of washing face

Grace Kelly has herself admitted that she never liked washing her face with soap. She liked to follow Lazlo’s ‘splashing technique’ which was not so famous but made all the difference to her skin. This technique of washing face included approximately 30 splashes of water on the face. Each splash would be an alternative between a hot and a cold one during the cleansing process. This process is underrated but used by many women even today to get a clear and flawless skin.

5. Sophisticated style

Grace was one of the few actresses during the fifties who preferred following her own signature styles that were simple yet elegant and refined. Her wardrobe included of some understated outfits that were mostly inspired by the college girl look. She looked well groomed and polished all the time. She knew her style very well and strictly followed it. This is what set her apart from the other actors and made her look graceful all the time.

Grace Kelly’s iconic style of beauty and fashion is still followed. She was the angel of the silver screen and one of the most beautiful and ethereal women of all times. Her kindness, wisdom and good heart make us fond of her even more. Not only was she an epitome of beauty, but also an amazing human being.

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