Makeup tips to conceal wrinkles

As our skin ages with us, our face tends to lose the fat cells, making our skin sag in the process. Fine lines, wrinkles, and creases start to gradually appear on the face. Having said that, wrinkles are natural and many women don’t shy away from flaunting them. But if you’re someone who doesn’t want your creases to show, a touch of makeup can help you cover them. Here are some easy tips to conceal those lines.

Silicone-based primer 

Using a silicone-based primer after moisturising your face and before applying your foundation makes a lot of difference. It blurs out the open pores and makes the surface of the skin smooth, making it a perfect base. Also, a primer will ensure that your makeup stays intact and lasts longer. Allow the product to set for a few minutes before you apply the foundation on your face.

Stick to light foundation

While aiming to hide those imperfections on our face, we often opt for a full coverage foundation. However, in this case, a heavy-duty full coverage one might end up highlighting your fine lines and wrinkles more. This might accentuate and make your skin look more aged. To avoid that, opt for a light to medium coverage foundation and if you’re someone who doesn’t like wearing heavy makeup, you can go for a BB cream, CC cream or even a tinted moisturiser. Make sure that you blend everything out smoothly to get an airbrush finish. 

Skip the powder

Powders tend to settle down in your wrinkles and lines and even make your makeup look worse. Therefore skip the powder and just apply a lightweight foundation or any other light base product you like. In case you still can’t keep away your powder or if you have oily skin, you can avoid applying it on the areas that have wrinkles and lines.

Stay away from heavy eye makeup

Highlighting your eyes with makeup has its own pros and cons when it comes to such situations. A heavy eye makeup can exaggerate your age lines. Stay away from glitter and shimmery eyeshadows, since they tend to settle in the creases. Also, skip a heavy eyeliner and false lashes as they tend to draw all the attention to saggy eyelids. You can instead go for a soft look on the upper and lower lash line and apply some mascara after curling your lashes. Going subtle on your eyes will help you achieve your desired final look.

Make your blush pop

Highlighting your blush makes it pop even more and takes away the attention from the wrinkles. Apply a cream-based highlighter under your blush and it will give a subtle glow. Just tap some highlighter with your fingers before applying blush and let it settle on the face. Then apply a subtle amount of blush on the apples of your cheeks and you’re good to go. It makes your cheeks pop and hide away the wrinkles around that area.

Perfect the pout game

A pop of colour on your lips can draw away the attention from the lines on your face. Apply a lip primer before applying the lipstick, to get a smooth finish. Outline your lips with a matching shaded liner before filling it with lipstick, to help it last longer and to have some colour on even if the lipstick fades. Stay away from a matte lipstick, since it can settle on the lines of your lips. You can go for a lip tint or the one that has a satin finish.

Don’t skip your neck

Your face might be flawless, but having a wrinkled neck can make you look aged. Make sure that you drag the foundation from your jawline towards the neck to cover the lines completely. Add a touch of it and blend it properly to match your face. In case your neck is paler than your face, you can apply some bronzer rather than other base products.

Do not let those lines and creases bother you. Choose lightweight makeup. Keep in mind that less is always more and you’re all set to look your gorgeous self!

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