Photo tutorial for a perfect Instagram click

We all love an amazing photo to update on Instagram, Be it daily, before going to a party or even while travelling. Here Vydurya Lokesh of Artistry by Vydurya, has jotted down steps for a quick and easy look you can try to get that perfect picture.

Step 1– Cleanse your face and apply moisturiser.

Tip: Apply a primer before beginning your makeup and putting on lip balm helps prepare them for a luscious finish.

Step 2- Apply a layer of concealer over the lid to even the tone and give a natural touch.

Step 3- Tight lining the eyes is a great method to enhance them without taking away too much space on the lid. It gives a subtle shape to them.

Step 4- Use a fun colour eye pencil to accentuate them and adding a pop to it.

Tip: For this look, a teal blue pencil has been used.

Step 5- Curl your eyelashes and add lots of mascara to highlight them.

Step 6- Use a sheer liquid foundation closest to your skin tone and merge it well using a blender.

Step 7- Blushed cheeks and highlighted glossy skin is in! Achieve this with just a few strokes of peachy tones and a gold highlighter on the T zone areas of your face.

Step 8- Smudge the lower line of your eyes with kajal and a touch of your preferred colour to achieve a smoked effect.

TADA! Go on and start clicking photos with this look!

– Photo tutorial by Vydurya(Artistry by Vydurya)

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