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6 Steaming hot soups to relish

Who doesn’t love a hot bowl of soup? It’s a dish which is savoured worldwide and comes in many varieties of flavours. It can be just the broth or even filled with veggies or meat. The texture depends on each kind of recipe differing from pureed to thick, creamy to light and runny consistency.

This dish is usually served as the first course of dinner and often had for breakfast or lunch depending on what it is made of. Here we have a few recipes to try…

Broccoli and Green Apple Soup

A healthy and flavourful dish is perfect for a winter evening. Creamy with a tinge of sweet and sourness from the green apple makes this broccoli soup a must try. The oregano and black pepper added for taste are also good for this cold season. Loaded with vitamins and protein, it can be served to the entire family.

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Pasta Soup

Two loved dishes mixed together that just cannot be resisted. Sip this delicious soup with a bite of pasta and you will ask for a refill. Wholesome and fulfilling, it’s a dish which the kids will love to have. A weekend snack to relish while you relax within the comforts of your home! It’s simple and easy to make and is also filled with veggies to make it healthy.

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Masala Chicken and Mushroom Cream Soup

A classic chicken and mushroom broth with a desi twist. A mouth-watering quick recipe to try this winter. A perfect dinner starter for the entire family to enjoy. Filled with proteins, it’s good for health as well as filling. It is creamy and rich in taste, which adds to the delight.

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Broccoli Almond Soup

A delight filled with vitamins, calcium and protein in a single dish! It’s a simple recipe with a unique combination of almond and broccoli. The energising soup can be served any time of the day. Bursting with subtle flavours, it’s creamy and delicious and leaves you wanting for more.

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Pumpkin Soup

This all-time favourite soup is perfect for this winter to keep your body warm and healthy. This appetising dish is enhanced with a pinch of nutmeg. Easy to make and is loved by all aged people! Apart from being a festive food, it can also be served at parties.

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Pineapple Soup

A tangy soup packed with goodness! For those who love a fruity touch in their dish, this is a must try. A hot cup of this nourishes your body during cold. This sweet and sour broth with a pinch of jeera and spicy green chillies is perfect for a winter night. Something that can also be cooked up fast and served as a hot drink at parties.

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Hungry yet? Try these lip-smacking recipes and enjoy its goodness with your family.

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