Your guide to treating chapped lips

Nobody wants to deal with dry lips! It especially worsens during the winter because of the cold. Unless you take proper care each day, there might be dry lines and peeling of skin in that area. Here is a guide on how you can treat it and get baby soft lips.

Keep your lips moisturised all the time

Lip care is a must during all seasons and a little extra care is needed during winter. Many avoid using a balm during the hot months since the lips don’t tend to dry out. But the truth is, they need constant nourishment and hydration just like your skin. Make sure that you apply a coat frequently and keep them moisturised. Opt for a product with cocoa butter or shea butter if you have dry skin or you can go for a fruity flavoured one to get a gentle shine.

Exfoliation is the key

While it is important to moisturise your lips, it is essential to remove the dry and dead skin from them. Just like your face and body, lips too need to be exfoliated on a regular basis to keep them free from dirt and bacteria. Gently massage your lips twice a week to get healthier, softer and smoother lips.

You can either choose a lip scrub or make one at home based on your convenience. Take a tablespoon of sugar granules and add to it a tablespoon of honey and few lemon drops. Mix it properly, rub it in a circular motion and wash it off.


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Avoid licking your lips

We often tend to do this thinking it will add some amount of moisture. But the truth is, licking our lips makes the skin parched even more. The saliva in our mouth contains acids to break down food particles, but at the same time, it irritates your lips to a greater extent leaving it dry and chapped. If you constantly lick your lips, it will strip off the natural oils present. Instead, go for good lip care product or balm to keep it moisturised.

Avoid applying matte lipsticks

Matte lipsticks have been in trend for quite some time now, but if you are suffering from dry chapped lips, avoid applying them. These lipsticks tend to parch out your lips more and that is definitely not a pleasant sight. Instead, you can either choose from lipsticks that are conditioning or go for a tinted lip balm. These will not only help in adding colour to your lips but will also prevent them from drying out.

Do not pick at your lips

When our lips peel, we often feel the urge to pick at the flakes to remove them. That results in bleeding, roughening and painful lips. Instead, you can exfoliate the dead skin or choose to apply a balm to moisturise them. This will keep them soft and lush.

Wear a lip balm with SPF

As much as your skin needs protection from the harmful sun rays, your lips need it too! Apart from summer, the winter sun and winds too can cause a lot of damage. If you don’t protect your lips, it will lead to pigmentation and damaged skin. Make sure that you choose a lip balm that contains some amount of SPF so that they stay protected when you’re out. It is always good to have extra protection rather than none.

Have enough water

You might have heard this repeatedly, but keeping your body hydrated will prevent you from having dry skin and chapped lips. Drinking enough water prevents your body from getting dehydrated. Thus your skin stays nourished and won’t fall victim to peeling off due to dryness.

As the skin on your lips is more delicate, it’s necessary to treat them with extra care. Incorporate these easy tips in your day to day life and notice a difference in how your lips feel.


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