5 Trending coloured hairstyles

As winter takes over, pastels, corals, deep reds and browns are the hues that are ruling the beauty and fashion world. Apart from attire and makeup, hair colours and many techniques of dyeing them are trending. It is one of the most popular trends used to make a statement. Let’s see a few of the looks that are in style now.

A touch of coral

Dip dye and ombre are the most chosen styles for long or mid-length haired people. As it shows the flow of two or more different colours, brown or raven haired ladies can opt for this. It’s elegant and the coral colour in the end gives a fiery look. You can go for deep chocolate roots to contrast the tip and enhance your tresses.

Mermaid Ombre

As the name suggests, this hairstyle is achieved with shades of blue and aqua greens depicting the scales of a mermaid. The blend of colours chosen here is deep brown at the roots and flowing down of blues and greens to give that gradient shimmering effect. It gives a fun and mysterious look. It can be opted for hair of any length and is most suited for people with wavy or even straight locks.


Cinnamon swirls

A gorgeous style for all the brunettes out there! Dark hair with cinnamon highlights running along the full length of hair is a must try. It’s suitable for all hair types and lengths. This gives an elegant, simple and a confident touch. Women whose work profile does not allow to go all out with hair colouring, can try this as it is a subtle look.

Rose gold melt

With ombre trending, the shades of winter like deep pinks, reds and browns are opted for styling. This rose gold colour gives a vibrant feel and is suitable for short and medium length hair. With roots dyed darker and flowing down to a lighter shade, it’s a gorgeous look to try for this party season. This style will go well with soft waves or pin straight hair.

Hot chocolate ombre

A look to try for all the brunettes and raven haired ladies out there. Dark chocolate tone with light brown or silver highlights is suitable for any length hair. It is charming and bubbly, and can be carried out really well. Chocolate browns having been in style for a while, but the highlights add a depth and gives a completely different touch to your hair. Crop those locks and add bangs to it and you are ready to rock.

We all love to try hairstyles that suit our face and personality as well. But colouring them right is something to think about. Go on and try out these trending looks!



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