5 Trending party hairstyles

With party season on the roll, it is tough to manage work, house chores and find time to get ready to rock a bash. With a few simple techniques, which are quick to set your tresses, you can look ravishing and party ready. Here are a few happening and easy hairstyles you can try..

Loose waves

A simple and easy look for medium length and long haired people. It can be pulled off for a day or a night party. Does not require much effort to manage it later as well!

How to achieve it:

Step 1: Moisturise your hair with a cream or a serum.

Step 2: Take a roller and make soft waves.

Step 3: Run your finger through the hair to set the curls.

Tips: You can also scrunch your hair if you are someone with wavy locks.

If your hair is oily and you don’t have time for a bath, you can use a dry shampoo or apply some powder at the roots of your head and then comb.

Clip-on hairstyle

This style gives an elegant and gentle look. It can be worn by any length hair women and is perfect for an evening event. Suitable for curly, wavy or straight haired ladies out there!

How to achieve it:

Step 1: Make your preferred partition and comb through.

Step 2: Set aside your matching hair accessories. Part some hair at one side of the partition and twist it gently towards the back. Place it with the clip.

Step 3: Repeat the same on the other side or you can opt for a single sided clip-on as well.

Tip: Instead of a twist, you can thin braid your hair to the back and put the pin in place.

Pony with a twist

This is a bold and confident look that can be worked by medium or long haired women. The sleek look will help enhance your features and makeup. You can rock it with a prominent pair of earrings.

How to achieve it:

Step 1: Moisturise your hair with a cream or a serum with heat protection benefits.

Step 2: Pin-straight your hair and gather it at the top of your head or angle it at the center of the curve. Lock it with a hair scrunchy tightly.

Step 3: Take a lock of hair from below the pony and circle it around the hair tie and pin it up at the edge.

Tip: You can also create gentle waves at the edge of the pony for more drama.

Disheveled look

This is a fun and quirky style for short haired women. A trending look that is easy to carry and suitable for any time of the day. Someone with a pixie cut or shoulder length hair can rock this.

How to achieve it:

Step 1: Moisturise the hair with a preferred product.

Step 2: Use your finger to part hair and gently scrunch them from the edges.

That’s it!! Enjoy your party without breaking a sweat.

Ballerina bun

A simple yet bubbly look for anyone who can wrap a bun on top of their head. This is an easy-peasy and playful style which can suit anyone. It can be work throughout the day or for a night party.

How to achieve it:

Step 1: Make your preferred partition and comb through.

Step 2: Grab all your hair up and place it where you want to with a hair tie.

Step 3: Start twisting your locks from the roots and circle it around making you hair tie the center.

Step 4: Once you reach the edge of your hair, pin it down into the bun with u pins.

Tip: You can pull out a few strands to make it look messy.

Here you go! Try out these hairstyles to look gorgeous and up your game.

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