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5 Recipes to try this winter

With winter at its peak, the weather brings about changes in our body, be it our eating habits, sleeping hours or internal functioning. Certain foods help balance the cold and build immunity. Here are a few recipes from our bigbasket cookbook to keep you and your family healthy.

Kraft-ed sweet potato (Baked)

Sweet potato being a root is highly fibrous and is good for our body. This sweet and sour dish loaded with spices is definitely something to try. This food can be a perfect evening or a weekend snack for the family. A healthy recipe that will not only satiate your taste buds but also help you in weight loss!

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Leafy Omelette

Omelette is an all-time favourite dish for many people and can be consumed for any meal of the day. It is quick and easy to make, as well as tasty to gobble up. This recipe has leafy greens in it, which is high in iron content. It keeps your body fit during the winter and also helps strength it. This light flavoured food has extra goodness in it due to the added spinach. For a person in a hurry or even for someone who wants to relax and enjoy their breakfast, this is a go-to recipe.

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Whole wheat beetroot pasta with stir-fried veggies

Who doesn’t love a subtly seasoned pasta with the goodness of veggies? This simple recipe made out of whole wheat and beetroot adds its own flavours to the dough. With a dash of pepper and salt to taste, filled with vegetables, this can be a mouth-watering dish for the cold. It can be served for lunch or dinner and is something that no one can resist.

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Barley and Fish Risotto

Salmon is one of the most suggested fish to be had during the cold weather. It is filled with nutrients which helps keep your body healthy. This delicious fish and barley recipe filled with flavours and makes a perfect dinner for the family. It is easy to make and does not consume much time but is worth every bite. A dish that is hard to resist and a healthy one to eat.

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Dark Chocolate Orange Tart

A delectable dessert within the snap of your fingers! This simple recipe is perfect for your kid to relish as a weekend treat. It contains chocolate and orange, both which have benefits in keeping your body warm and active. This chocolaty and tangy tart melts with a crunch in every bite. Give a hand at baking and try out this easy dish to please your taste buds.

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Try out these mouth-watering recipes this cold season, to keep you and your family hale and happy.

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