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5 Delicious recipes to try this festival of Pongal

As the New Year begins, we all pledge towards a more healthy life for us and our families. This festival of Pongal, let’s celebrate it with a few unique and constantly loved recipes. These dishes are delectable and are a must try this season.

Quinoa Pongal

A healthy pongal which is completely gluten-free! Made from quinoa and moong dal, this recipe is filled with wholesome goodness. A touch of spice and tadka of jeera and curry leaves makes it good for the cold weather as well. It can be served with coconut chutney or a sweet and sour gojju, to enhance the taste. It is a fulfilling lunch or dinner dish for the entire family.

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Medu Vada

A traditional favourite of South India that features not just in everyday cuisine but also the menu on festivals and puja days. The entire dish depends on the how cleverly the batter can be made to get the best results. This simple snack is filled with flavours of green chilli, black pepper, ginger and curry leaves. Do serve it with chutney or sambar of your choice and the family will definitely enjoy it.

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Curd Murukulu

A crunchy snack which is eaten as an evening munch or as a side to rasam rice or sambar rice. This quick and easy recipe makes sure that the murukulu melts in your mouth with every bite. Made from rice flour, white til, butter and curd as the main base, the consistency of it makes all the difference of how crispy this dish can be. You can add the spiciness to it according to your preferences.

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Pal Payasam

This light and delectable dessert is made of milk and rice. It is easy to make and served after a meal. It is a popular South Indian sweet made during the festivals and other celebrations. ‘Pal’ meaning milk and ‘Payasam’ meaning pudding is made in many ways, each depending on the ingredients it contains. Rice, with added sugar to taste is steamed together to get the right thickness as preferred by you.

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Sugarcane Kheer (Aker Raser Payas)

This unique recipe made from sugarcane juice and rice is not just great to taste, but healthy as well due to the ingredients it contains. It is simple to make and a great treat for your taste buds this festival. Being a dessert which does not require any sugar, you do not have to worry about those extra calories. It is flavoured with bay leaf, grated coconut and cardamom powder to balance the sweetness. Garnish with chopped nuts and serve it.

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This festival of Pongal, let your family relish the above wholesome and delicious recipes.

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