Top 5 trending eyeliner shades for 2019

Be it someone who loves to add a touch of makeup or someone who tends to stay natural, the eyeliner/ pencil is an all-time favourite. Eye makeup can do wonders to a look and kajal adds all the drama or elegance a person needs. Being one of the most go-to product, here we have a list of eyeliner/ pencil colours which are trending.


Shades of blue have always been in and out of the beauty and fashion world. Starting off with dark and royal blue, now it’s turned into cobalt, teal and aqua shades. Suitable for all, most people opt for it to carry out a day and even a night look. Either lined below the water line or above the eyelashes, it looks bold and beautiful for any skin colour.

Bold red


Red is a favourite when it comes to makeup and is considered a classic colour for lips and eyes. Liners in bright red, dark red, reddish chestnut and metallic reds are marking the fashion map around the world. Smudged out or bold winged liner is mostly preferred. You can carry it out with any attire and look fabulous throughout the day or even for a perfect evening party.

Metallic shades 


This look is for those who are confident and tend to be mysterious. Carrying out a metallic eye is a bold choice and it can make an absolute night look. With a hint of shimmer, it highlights your eyes and makes you look more prominent. Keep it minimal by lining your eyes or you can opt for a smudged effect. Coppers are one of the most trending shades right now.

Deep browns

A subtle yet casual look is what the brown colour can bring to a daily look or even a day look. Light, dark or even a blend of both can add depth your look needs. You can play with two or more shades of brown for a dramatic style and carry it for an evening party. This shade is suitable for all and can be tried as confidently as anyone carries out a black liner.

Gold and silver


Something bold with a dab of shiny, these shades can let you rock an evening look. Just a hint of these shades contrasting with other tone matched with your outfit can do the trick. Do your eye makeup or just line your eyes with the preferred coloured eye pencil and corner your inner eyes with either silver or gold to add fun and bold effect. It’s a hot look that can be carried out by anyone.

Go on and try out these shades of eyeliners for a dashing look! If you don’t want to go all out with makeup, these simple coloured pencils with a touch of lipstick can do the trick for you.

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