Top 7 hair care trends of 2019

Flaunting shiny, bouncy and voluminous hair would be a beauty goal no matter what the year. How we would achieve it though might keep changing thanks to the technology and discoveries of super ingredients. To keep you on top of your mane game and ensure that they are gorgeous in 2019 too, we have roped in Mahika Yadav, Director, Oxford Cut The Man’s Salon and Sargam Dhawan, Director, DAFNI India. They spill the beans on the latest hair care trends…

This 2019, experiment with your hair by trying the new products and not limiting yourself to just the traditional shampoo and conditioner. The most basic and regular hair products are now getting upgraded with the advancement of new technology making them better than the regular products. So, it’s time to save some money and try the latest to pamper yourself.

1) Charcoal Infused Hair Styling Gel

With the help of this ingredient, you don’t have to worry about a greasy and oily scalp. Charcoal, being a natural element will remove the dirt and the greasiness without spoiling your hair. The charcoal hair gel is a quick little remedy that which can be used to get rid of the oil when you are running late!

2) Organic Hair Shampoo

Eco-friendly products have gained the spotlight this winter! After experimenting with different chemical-based hair shampoo products, we have realised the importance of organic hair shampoo. It is made up of natural oils and herbs which will keep your hair healthy, nourish your scalp as well as leave behind a good fragrance.

3) Sun Protection for Hair

UV rays can make your hair delicate and cause damage. This innovation of sun protection has got you covered. The enhancers in the form sprays can be used to avoid the exposure of harsh sun rays on your scalp. They are also packed with antioxidants which act as a shelter and protect your tresses.

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 4) Hair Mask

Prevent dry hair and dandruff this winter. Treat the frizzy or damaged lengths of your tresses with the help of hair mask which contains organic ingredients like honey and lemon. It will lock the moisture in your scalp and will keep your mane nourished. The potent combination is a great way of keeping your crown healthy and shiny.

5) Hair Straightening Brush

This updated product simplifies the procedure of styling. It will not only make brushing and managing your hair easy, but also straighten them all in one go. This beauty solution does not contain static energy which your regular straighteners have. Hence, it won’t damage your hair and make them appear lustrous with no effort!

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6) Texturising Spray

Leaving the 2018 trend of dry shampoo behind, experts have come up with the new technique of a product containing the mixture of dry shampoo and hairspray. You can give volume to your hair and set them up with a few pumps along with a nice fragrance. Try it out and notice the difference in the thickness yourself!

7) Natural-Scalp Revival Treatments

Treat your scalp naturally at home by using the new scalp revival innovation. It will help your scalp breathe by removing the toxins and itchiness as well as keep it hydrated. The added advantage is the cool and calm effect it provides.

So go ahead and embrace the year with enviable locks!


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