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Recipes to stick to your resolution of eating healthy

Each and every one of us has a resolution on mind which we would love to achieve this year. Losing those extra pounds and flab here and there is something that we all think about. Here we have a few nutritious and delightful recipes you can try to get your fitness plan on track.

Pumpkin and Coconut Creme Soup

This subtle combination of flavours is a must try recipe. Though both pumpkin and coconut add in sweet taste, they are balanced with spices. Easy to make, it can be a healthy food for any meal of the day. Tomato and black peppers add the tangy and spicy flavour. It has a rich and creamy texture, with extra goodness of broccoli in it. An overall wholesome recipe to begin with.

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Protein Soup

As the name suggests, this soup is high in protein due to its multi-dal ingredients. Spiced with black pepper, coriander seed powder, turmeric and garlic, it makes a healthy mouth-watering recipe for the entire family. It is simple and quick to make and can be had any time of the day. Cooked with varieties of dal, this becomes a highly nutritious food.

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Oats and Rajma Cutlet

No matter how hard we try to be on diet, it’s tough to control temptations when it comes to snacking. Here we have a recipe you can munch on without having to feel guilty about it. With oats adding a healthy crunch and rajma bringing in nutrients and taste, this cutlet is a perfect evening or weekend snack. This spicy dish is filled with the goodness of pulses, spices and low-fat paneer to add to the taste.

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Quinoa Pesto Cheese Bake

Apart from being tasty, this dish is that healthy as well. Quinoa which is trending as a new loved base ingredient for many savouries and desserts is filled with nutrients. With pesto flavouring and a handful of veggies, it can be a delightful evening or dinner food. Let’s not forget the punch of cheese in every bite, making it a must try recipe. It’s a baked dish filled with many flavours adding wonder to our taste buds.

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Oats and Boiled Corn Meal Bowl

A simple and delicious recipe for all the fitness freaks out there! Good for on-the-go food, this is a quick dish that can be consumed at any time of the day. A few fresh veggies, boiled corn, oats and a pinch of tang makes it a healthy bowl. It is something to try when you are on a run or during a relaxed weekend and for consuming after a good workout.

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Keto Roti

A tasty and healthy recipe made with cauliflower and egg as the main base, with a hint of chillies, coriander and salt to taste! It’s a must try wholesome breakfast and can also be a healthy lunch as well. This food is light and fulfilling, making it something your entire family will love. With a hectic life, this dish is easy to prep and cook.

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Coffee Dates Pancakes

This recipe is for those guilt-free indulgences you always crave for, on your ‘healthy’ diet days. It is high in fibre and iron. With a burst of flavours, it is something you can enjoy for the weekend or as a fulfilling breakfast to boost your mood. With the sweetness of date and honey, the essence of coffee in it balances the dish. It’s easy to prep and make and something that everyone will love to take a bite out of.

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Flourless Quinoa Brownies

One of the all-time favourite dessert which everyone craves for! Here we have it with a twist of healthy. Chewy, healthy, fudgy and delicious, anyone can make these flourless brownies. You just have to mix all ingredients in a processor or beat them well. Adding cooked quinoa lends a smooth texture. This baked goody is a must try for all you sweet-toothed people who are also weight conscious.

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Try out these amazing mouth-watering recipes and keep your taste buds and your body happy and healthy.

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