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Avoid the stigma (Condom story)

Being a part of a developing country, we are pushing ourselves towards modernisation while still holding the traditional and cultural principles at heart. Having complete freedom is a bit of a challenge for many, especially women. One of the most controversial topics being openly discussing sexual or intimate things.

A person going to buy a condom at a store has been a challenge for many, due to all the glares, gazes and judgement. It is worse when you are a girl and have the unwanted fear of having being watched when you are shopping for intimate things. We did a survey on how confident people (male and female gender) felt about walking into a store to buy a condom or if it’s better to order it online.

In a nutshell

With a lot of pros and cons brought to light, we found that most buy the product based on instinct and when necessary, few buy it on a monthly basis and some weekly. Most of the responses were from people within the age group of 25 to 32. The main purpose of the survey being how comfortable or planned people are to buy condom online rather than from a store and why they would choose that option. Below we have the thoughts of a few who opted to buy the product online:

Survey responses

Aditi (Name changed): My partner and I are busy people, it saves our time considerably.

Anonymous: Escaping from society embarrassment.

Anonymous: Ease of availability.

Ajit: Easy access, avoids the glare of people, more options online than in a shop, cashless payment. On the con side, if we need it immediately then this option not viable.

Veda (Name changed): As you guys have already mentioned, sex is the biggest taboo in a country like India. And unmarried women or men buying it from the chemist is a crime. Thus, ordering it online is one of the best solutions to thousands of youngsters. Cool idea.

Anonymous: It is more convenient.

Anonymous: Hassle free.

Anonymous: Convenience.

Rakesh: Easy and more options available.

The conclusion

Based on the responses, most noted they got to choose from a variety of collections and multiple payment methods. Other advantages included delivery to doorstep and a quick buy. A few concerns were that it might not be available immediately. That is where Bigbasket steps in as it provides express delivery which can help you get the product. It will also be a well-planned buy based on your need or taste.

With that being said, having an easy and safe buy with a wide range of options and availability of doorstep delivery is definitely something to think about over other options.

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