7 Upcoming trends that are making a beauty statement

While 2018 was all about experimenting the beauty and skin care products ranging from Korean face masks to charcoal peel off mask, 2019 has been far more advanced in terms of trying new beauty products. Seasonal trends gives us a perfect reason to try something different. There have been several new innovations in terms of makeup or body care products, so give up on your regular self and bring out the new you. Need some inspiration? Sargam Dhawan, Director, Paul Penders shares few beauty trends that are happening this season for you to try!

Living Coral makeup trend

Experts have chosen the shade which will paint the days for all the seasons, making it the colour of the year. It has calm, smooth and vibrant features which will enhance all your outfits and create the best experiences. Add a tint of this shade in your vanity kit and you are all set for being in style.

Try out these coral shades of makeup prodcuts: Blush, lip gloss, lipstick and nail polish.

Vegan lipstick

Ditch the chemical-infused beauty products and make a resolution to adopt vegan makeup. The cruelty-free vegan merchandises will actually be better for your skin since they do not contain any toxic substance which will harm it.

Liquid Exfoliators

Having the same features as your regular scrubs, this is proven to be more effective and better in terms of removing the dead skin cells. It contains ingredients which go deep into your skin and unclog your pores. The best part about using this innovation is that it is user-friendly, and does not cause the mess which your regular scrubs do. Say adios to those scrubs and embrace the new!

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Dark spots correcting toner

The exposure of sun can severely damage our skin. It can cause pigmentation or spots on your skin even after applying sunscreen. Try this new reverse toner which will helps remove any sun patches, and wrinkles to make you look younger and to give you an illuminating touch with its skin-friendly ingredients.

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Water-based perfume

Regular perfume bottles contain relatively more alcohol and less fragrance which often causes itchiness and irritability, especially, to sensitive skin. The alternative of these fragrances is the water based perfume which has all the essential eco-friendly ingredients consisting the essential oils. It will keep your skin hydrated and will give out a pleasant aroma.

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Charcoal setting spray

With the help of this latest product, you will no longer have to worry for your makeup getting spoilt or your skin getting pigmented. It will keep your skin toxin free and hydrated as well. The charcoal spray does not get absorbed in your skin, but helps in removing all the toxins, dirt and oil from your epidermis.

Lip mask

Lip plumper and fillers are now an old school technique. Now, get tinted lips naturally with the help of this new substitute with additional benefits. It will not just add colour on your lips, but will also keep them hydrated and plump your lips temporarily. With its various shades, you will not have to worry about getting those bold and pouty lips.

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Well go ahead and try them out this season!

Inputs contributed to Sargam Dhawan, Director, Paul Penders



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