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Caring for your personal needs? Let us make it simpler for you

Finding confidence in keeping oneself healthy is a must for every girl and woman. Today, our country is evolving towards understanding the needs and values of the feminine gender. Feminine hygiene, has globally gained a lot of popularity. It’s not just in regards with the kind of products we use during our cycles but also our sexual health.

With a wide range of products openly available for intimate hygiene and being sold in every medical shop or a supermarket, women still face awkward glares, comments and unnecessary attention while shopping these things. While many stand up for themselves and don’t worry about public glances, there are girls who are shy, scared and hesitant to go out and buy. Worry not, Bigbasket can help you deliver these intimate products to your doorstep and you don’t have to be concerned about a thing.

What all do we sell?

Bigbasket has a variety of quality products from top brands, suitable for all types of flows, cleanliness and activities. From pads to tampons and menstrual cups which keep us confident and help manage our monthly cycles, we have pee buddies, intimate washes and wipes to keep our delicate parts safe and infection free.

The range is based on the extent of our flow, the kind of activity we do and helps us stick on to our regular lifestyle without worry. Let’s not shy away from panty liners and foam washes to keep our sensitive parts clean and odour free! With an entire variety of merchandises specially made for our purpose, we need not bother to fear those three days or the rest of the days.

How easy is it to buy it online?

Keeping your monthly cycle calendar in mind or even if you do have your periods irregularly, always planning ahead and keeping a few packs for backup at home and packing a few to carry it while you are on-the-go is important. As people usually plan it out during the monthly buys, you can always order it online with the rest of your toiletries. Running out of stock? Don’t worry, book an express delivery or the immediate next slot and you will have what you need to be delivered to your doorstep. Buying online is simpler and easier with no paying hassles and no trying to explain the size, colour and the brand to your medical store guy.

How quick can you get it delivered?

You can plan it based on your convenience to receive the items or even based on emergency. Provided that we have time slots that you can opt to get the products delivered, you can also choose express delivery which will send what you need at the next immediate available slot.

With these easily available options, one does not have to think about how to pay, finding the preferred product or even having to go out and buying it themselves.

Want to avoid having a nosy neighbour or an annoying sibling sneak peek into your buy? Don’t worry, we safely wrap it to ward off unwanted eyes.

Be it feminine hygiene or other intimate products, we wrap it up in a brown paper bag before delivering it to you. Bigbasket’s priority is to help you gain confidence to shop with us and to let you know that we protect your secrets well.

Let us help you feel like the princess you are and get your mind and body its well-deserved rest, while we deliver what you need to your doorstep.

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